Wer ist ggulsuna (꿀꿀선아)?

ggulsuna ist Koreanerin Twitch Streamer, Instagram Modell, YouTuber and internet celebrity. Her streams are in Korean. She is primarily known for her captivating ASMR videos on YouTube. ggulsuna currently lives in Südkorea.

ggulsuna streams at least once per week on Twitch. She mostly performs ASMR und einfach nur chatten content where she interacts with her chat. Like other top-tier ASMR streamers, ggulsuna uses a pair of high-quality microphones to make her streams more relaxing. ggulsuna sometimes plays the latest popular video games such as PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS und Overwatch.

She is very popular on Instagram and often posts photos from her everyday life. ggulsuna has an unusual pet that has its own Instagram. She owns two pigs and one cat. One of the pigs, named Pingu, has his own Instagram, where he posts photos with ggulsuna. ggulsuna also posts ASMR videos such as roleplays, sleep streams, languages, drawings and trigger assortments on her ASMR YouTube Kanal. 

Interessante Fakten über ggulsuna 

  • Ihre Körpergröße beträgt 5'4" oder 162 Zentimeter.
  • Sie wiegt 53 Kilogramm oder 116 Pfund.
  • Ab 2022 ist ggulsuna Mitte 20.
  • ggulsuna has three pets. Two pigs, Pingu and Apricot and one cat named Rangi.
  • Her streams are in Korean.
  • ggulsuna sometimes plays the latest popular video games such as PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS and Overwatch.