Alex Finch-Collison

Who is Alex Finch-Collison?

Alex Finch-Collison is a fitness influencer who is active on Instagram, Facebook and other social platforms. She was born on 11th November 1991 in the United Kingdom. She is known for posting fitness-related advice on her social media alongside her modelling pictures.   

The early life of Alex Finch-Collison   

Alex was always an active kid when she was young, as she got inspired by her fit parents. Alex's journey in the fitness industry began with a deep-rooted passion for personal well-being and physical fitness. With an unwavering dedication to her own health and fitness goals, she embarked on a transformative journey of self-improvement.   

Through her personal achievements, Alex realized the power of her own story to inspire others. As a teenager, Alex began struggling with her own body image but decided to push through and not get overwhelmed. As she was used to going to the gym, she decided to not stop and see if it would help. Not only it helped with her mental state, but her figure became even more lean and healthy than before.   

Personal life of Alex Finch-Collison   

Since she was very athletic after graduating college, Alex had no problem finding a guy who would fancy her. As she always loved football, Alex was thrilled to find out that she was known by Jack Collinson. Jack Collison was a successful football player and coach who always kept his personal life private. Because of that, it is not known when he married Alex. Once they got married, the couple began trying for a child and was blessed with a daughter, Lucia. Lucia was born in 2013 and is actively cherished by both of her parents on their social media. In 2018, Lucia could meet her other sibling, a sister named Aria. Alex and Jack obviously love both their daughters, as they can't stop posting their photos on social media.   

Is Alex Finch-Collison really married to Jack Collison?   

While it might seem obvious from our article, Jack and Alex never really announced their relationship to the public. Jack is actively participating in various interviews, but he is usually asked about his career, not his relationship. Because of that, Jack is often listed as single on numerous websites.   

On top of that, Jack and Alex both try to build their own individual careers, so they keep their social media separate. They often comment on each other's Instagram posts but rarely take pictures together. It is possible that Alex tries to build a career as an independent woman and doesn't want to become famous as the wife of Jack Collison. She apparently does a good job as she becomes more and more famous in the fitness community.   

Fitness regime of Alex Finch-Collison  

As a mother of two beautiful daughters, Alex had to find out a fitness routine that wouldn't interfere with her everyday responsibilities. To make a tie for everything while maintaining her slim figure, Alex usually sticks with an intense but short training. Her favourite high-intensity and short-time method is called Supersets. This means that Alex performs one set of two individual exercises and only then takes a break. That method is not suited for beginners as they usually need more time to rest. Her other often-used method is HIIT. This is a form of cardio and one of Alex's favourite workouts for fat loss. HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training, and it involves doing short bursts of extremely intense activity with rest periods in between.   

If she doesn't feel like training with high intensity, Alex will opt for a longer and less intense workout. Steady-state cardio is an ideal option for one of these days. This type of cardio includes exercises such as treadmill running, walking outdoors, and other types of training that elevate her heart rate and keep it in a steady rhythm. However, one downside to this is that the sessions can last much longer than HIIT. And since Alex often has a busy schedule, she can't always afford to do cardio for too long.   

Interesting facts about Alex Finch-Collinson  

  • As of 2023, she is 31 years old.   
  • Her zodiac sign is Scorpio,  
  • Her height is 5'8' ¨or 174 cm.  
  • Her weight is 65 kilograms or 141 lbs.   
  • She grew up as an active kid who liked sports activities from a young age.   
  • After graduating from a local college, she joined Instagram to post photos.   
  • She is married to the football coach and player Jack Collison.  
  • They have two daughters, older Lucia and younger Aria.   
  • Alex has over 60 thousand followers on Instagram and is featured on The Greatest Physiques.   
  • She usually trains with the HIIT method or a cardio session.