Amy Kiser Shemper

Who is Amy Kiser Schemper?

Amy Kiser Schemper is an American fitness influencer who is active on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and other social platforms. She is known for posting fitness-related content on her social media under the name Bodyfit by Amy.

Early life and education of Amy Kiser Schemper

Amy grew up believing that fitness and exercise are important parts of one’s health. She was influenced by her parents, who believed in a healthy lifestyle and taught her all about it. During her high school years, Amy attended dancing classes which helped her to build a strong relationship with physical activities. She also attended acting classes because she loved the possibility of expressing herself. She was a very smart child who graduated from high school easily and got accepted to college right away. She attended Concordia University in Chicago and graduated with a Master of Science in Exercise Science.

Her master’s degree was just a stepping stone for Amy as she continued to achieve more accomplishments. She also has two undergraduate degrees from Virginia Tech University. While she was in college, a gym opened in her home time, which brought her a great opportunity. When she was home for the summer holidays, she applied to the gym and got a part-time job as a fitness instructor. Amy taught Cardio Dance classes and realized that she loved it. She loved helping others get healthier and achieve their goals. Just a year after that experience, Amy got certified as a personal trainer and fitness instructor and decided to pursue a career in this field.

Fitness journey of Amy Kiser Schemper

What definitely helped Amy with her journey was her own experience in college. While she was focusing on her studies, she didn’t have much time to work out and found out that she had gained weight. As with any other teenage girl, she was mortified and started to work out. She was disappointed to see that her hard work didn’t show, but that’s how she realized that she was doing something wrong. She was overtraining and exercising too much while eating almost no food. This lifestyle showed to be unsustainable as she found herself eating way too much on weekends to compensate for starving herself before. Once she got certified, she started to work out in a healthier way, which made her happy, not miserable.

Amy Kiser Schemper on YouTube

Amy created her Bodyfit by Amy YouTube channel in 2014 to spread her message to the world. Her goal was to show people a way of exercise that wouldn’t ruin their life. Throughout her career as an instructor, she saw many other trainers motivating their clients by yelling at them and pointing out their mistakes. And even though this approach works for some, Amy has another policy. All of her training plans must fulfil three key elements: Body Strong, Time Efficient and Positive Thinking. As for the strong body, it is pretty simple. Amy’s workouts are created to help clients with strength, speed and mobility. Time-efficient workouts are a must, especially for mums such as Amy, who has a lot on their plate. Positive thinking might be the most important message Amy tries to send: Exercise shouldn’t stress and discourage people but motivate them and make them happy.

Personal life of Amy Kiser Schemper

Amy is married to her supportive husband, Kurt Schemper. Kurt used to be a television producer, but after 20 years of practice, he decided to change his career and help Amy with her brand. Kurt is responsible for answering clients’ questions and spreading awareness about Bodyfit by Amy. They have a son together who motivates them to stay healthy and focus on their dreams.

Interesting facts about Amy Kiser Schemper

  • She attended dancing and acting classes while in high school.
  • She attended Concordia University in Chicago and graduated with a Master of Science in Exercise Science.
  • She has two undergraduate degrees from Virginia Tech University.
  • She is a certified Pregnancy and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist and a Pre/Postnatal Performance Training Specialist.
  • She is married to Kurt Schemper, who helps her with her brand.
  • She has over 855 thousand subscribers on her Bodyfit by Amy YouTube channel.
  • Her most popular video is 10 Minute Kettlebell Workout For An Efficient Total Body Workout, with over 7,2 million views.