Max Taylor

Who is Max Taylor?

Max Taylor is an American fitness influencer who is active on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and other social platforms. He was born on 6th August 2000 in the United States. He is known for posting fitness-related content on his social media.

Early life of Max Taylor

Max grew up as an active child who liked to play games and sports. He participated in several sports activities, such as basketball, soccer and athletics. When he attended elementary school, Max experienced bullying for the first time. Right when he hoped it would get better, he developed severe acne, which made the bullying even worse. He was bullied for his appearance, especially for his face. Max suffered from severe acne until adulthood. He had to take two rounds of Accutane to get rid of it, even though it wasn’t a pleasant experience. He also got mocked for his big nose, chin and floppy ears.

Physical appearance of Max Taylor

Naturally, Max wasn’t born as jacked as he is today. His friends made fun of him because of his big ears, nose and super-sharp jawline. He wasn’t unproportionate; he just needed to grow into his body. Max’s other feature that he used to see as a flaw is his hair colour. He has beautiful curly ginger hair, which he learned to take care of. Even though he tried several hairstyles, Max became one of the few people who actually looked great with a mullet. He totally rocks that haircut and styles it to look either retro or modern.

Fitness journey of Max Taylor

Even though he wouldn’t talk about it at home, Max didn’t take it well. All the bullying and mocking took a hit on him, and he wasn’t happy. One day, when he was chilling at his friend’s house, Max borrowed the friend’s laptop. He scrolled down on YouTube, and suddenly, he saw a recommended video. It was a Transformation video by David Laid, and Max decided to watch it out of boredom. He watched the whole thing, and in the end, Max decided to turn his own life around, just as David did. He stayed true to his goal and got a gym membership the next day, starting his fitness journey. Even though he experienced some setbacks, Max continued visiting the gym daily and felt much better about himself.

Even though it doesn’t look that way, Max wasn’t always so passionate about the gym. He started to go there with a promise of meeting people’s standards of a man’s body. He wanted to grow muscles to become desirable to girls and to feel more comfortable. Since he kept showing up, Max started to see physical and psychological results. He gained weight but transformed it into muscle, so he looked really muscular and lean. On the mental side, max started to feel way more confident than ever before. He stopped caring what people thought of him; he just tried to meet his own goals. As time passed, Max realized that he now enjoyed the gym. He became passionate about the gym and his progress, profiting mentally and physically.

Max Tailor Lifts on social media

Max created his Instagram account in 2017 to share his gym progress. He would post photos from the gym and some mirror selfies, resulting in many likes. Since he is great but also unusual-looking, Max gained incredible popularity on Instagram. People would encourage him to post more photos, and some suggested he creates a YouTube channel. Since Max enjoyed communicating with people, he decided to give it a try and created his YouTube channel in 2018. He started to post training videos and nutritional advice to help people meet their gym goals. His videos became quite popular, and Max met other people from the gym community. His most popular video is Kicked out Of The Gym With Alex Eubank, with over 300 thousand views.

Is Max Taylor TikTok famous?

In 2019 Max heard about TikTok for the first time. He made fun of it for being a cheap version of Musically and didn’t think about it anymore. But some of his friends kept pushing him to give it a try because they believed he would succeed. Max eventually caved in and decided to create a TikTok account just to prove his point. He filmed a couple of short funny videos and posted them on his page. He decided to at least have fun with it and began researching the algorithm and how it worked. He eventually started to take it seriously and posted videos every other day. His content usually refers to gym culture but in a really relatable way for everyone. Max’s sense of humour and his persistence earned him over 9 million followers and still counting.

How much does Max Taylor earn? Net Worth

As of 2023, Max’s net worth is estimated to be over 1 million USD. Once he became popular on TikTok, Max quit his regular job and started focusing on social media full-time. He has millions of followers on all his platforms combined, which makes him some money. His other resources come from brand deals, sponsorships and promotion jobs.

Interesting facts about Max Taylor.

  • As of 2023, he is 23 years old.
  • His zodiac sign is Cancer.
  • His height is 5’8’’ or 172 cm.
  • His weight is 75 kilograms or 190 lbs.
  • He was bullied in high school for his acne and ginger hair.
  • He started his fitness journey after watching David Laid’s Transformation video.
  • He has over 9,5 million followers on TikTok, with an additional 1 million followers on Instagram.