Hope Allen

Who is Hope Allen?

Hope Allen is an American influencer who is active on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and other social platforms. She was born on 12th August 1994 in Idaho, United States. She is known for posting videos on her HopeScope YouTube channel.   

Early life and education of Hope Allen  

Hope grew up as a smart child who performed great in school. Since she was clearly really smart, her parents expected her to study at university and find a high-paying job. Even though Hope realised the advantages of academic accomplishments, her passion lay elsewhere. She loved everything about fashion, acting and performing. She enjoyed getting creative with her wardrobe and hobbies, and she knew how to make people laugh.   

Despite her passion, Hope eventually decided to apply to a university to become a dentist. She chose the dental school because she was told it was a high-paying position. Hope tried her best and delivered good grades, but she couldn't bring herself to enjoy it. Eventually, she realised that making herself to like it wasn't going to work, so she dropped out. Since she had no other option, Hope found a job as an orthodontic assistant while applying to another university. She got in and started studying accounting while keeping her job as a doctor's assistant. Un/fortunately, Hope didn't finish her second attempt for a degree either, but this time for a different reason. Her YouTube channel took off, and Hope could finally pursue her dream job full-time.   

Personal life of Hope Allen   

Hope met her husband, Tyler, long before she became internet famous. They met during her school years and fell in love immediately. Since they both found Idaho small for their future lives, Hope and Tyler moved to Montana to pursue their dreams. Tyler started to work as a car mechanic and took as many shifts as he could to pay rent every month. During that time, Hope was studying and working as an assistant at the same time, so she didn't have much time either. She found some free time on the weekends, and that's when she decided to try YouTube for the first time. Since she created her channel just for fun, she was surprised when it took off. One of her biggest achievements was when she made so much YouTube money that Tyler could stop working altogether. He quit his draining and exhausting job and started helping Hope with her YouTube channel as her husband/manager.   

Hope Allen as The Legging Queen   

Hope created her YouTube channel in 2012 under the name HopeScope. Even though nowadays she's collecting millions of views on every video, Hope didn't get famous quickly. It actually took her a few years of filming and posting until she got recognised. Hope created her YouTube channel to chat with other people and share her passion for activewear. While some people see activewear simply as clothes to work out in, Hope sees other possibilities. For her, activewear allows people to wear bold cut-outs and colours in public. Not to mention that they are incredibly comfortable. At the beginning of her YouTube career, Hope viewed some fitness-related channels and realised that she had found a hole in the market. Even though some media covered activewear in a few videos, no one devoted an entire channel to it. And since Hope wasn't going to let that happen, she filled that hole and became The Legging Queen of YouTube.   

Is Hope Allen rich?   

Hope kept reviewing activewear for a few years while watching her subscribers' numbers grow. After some time, she noticed that she was raising money from YouTube, which made it easier to buy more activewear. Hope found a pattern, and the more money she raised, the bigger the shopping haul she filmed. Since people love influencers to do extensive shopping hauls, Hope's numbers went up again. Eventually, she realised that she didn't have to review activewear forever and decided to change the content. Hope began filming requested videos, buying mystery boxes and lost packages from all around the world. Once she started focusing on this type of video, Hope's HopeScope channel went viral. Her most popular video is I Spent $7000 on Lost Cargo Packages, with over 10 million views. Since people trusted her opinion, Hope continued posting a few reviews a month. One of her most popular videos shows Hope reviewing famous people's brands, especially influencers.  

Hope's Closet  

Ever since she began getting views, Hope has enjoyed doing giveaways for her loyal fans. As her channel grew bigger, her giveaways got more frequent and expensive as well. One of Hope's popular YouTube series is buying used Kardashian clothes and trying them on. Her most popular video from that series has over 8 million views. Since Hope started making money out of YouTube, she got inspired by the Kardashians. She found out that her love language was gift-giving and decided to honour it. Hope buys a lot of clothes for her channel and, of course, doesn't want to throw them away afterwards. To put all the clothes to good use, she created Hope's Closet, which is an online shop for all of her bought outfits. The concept came from the famous Kardashian Kloset, where Hope buys used Kardashian clothes.   

How much does Hope Allen earn? Net worth  

As of 2023, her net worth is estimated to be over 1,5 million US dollars. Hope creates a circle of money by using her earned money for more income. She's using YouTube money to buy more clothes, which she later sells to her followers.   

Interesting facts about Hope Allen  

  • As of 2023, she is 28 years old.   
  • Her zodiac sign is Leo.  
  • Her height is 5'5" or 167 cm.   
  • Her weight is 71 kilograms or 158 lbs.   
  • She studied dental and accounting school but dropped out of both.   
  • She is married to Tyler Allen, who is helping her by managing her YouTube channel.   
  • She established a so-called Hope's Closed, where she sells bought clothes.   
  • She has over 2,78 million subscribers on YouTube, with an additional million followers on Instagram and TikTok combined.   
  • Her most popular video is I Spent $7000 on Lost Cargo Packages, with over 10 million views.  
  • As of 2023, her net worth is estimated to be over 1,5 million US dollars.