Katie Dunlop

Who is Katie Dunlop?

Katie Dunlop is an American fitness influencer who is active on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and other social platforms. She was born on 17th March 1987 in California, United States. She is known for posting fitness-related content on her social media under the name Love Sweat Fitness

Background of Katie Dunlop 

Katie first realized that she might need to change something in college. While focusing on completing her assignments, she didn’t care about her diet and ate whatever she felt like. Her diet consisted mainly of processed foods because they were easy to make and didn’t take much of her time. Since some of her exams required her to stay awake in late hours, she often sneaked food into her dorm room to keep her motivated. These late-night snacks often included fast food items or late-night burritos. Sugary snacks were a must since Katie needed to reward herself for all of her hard work. 

As assumed, this lifestyle started to show its consequences quite quickly. Katie started to gain weight and get lazy since her body didn’t get enough minerals and vitamins to keep her focused. Over her time in college, Katie gained over 40 lbs of weight and started to feel tired all the time. Her body started to give her signals that something needed to change: she felt tired and unmotivated, with little to no energy. On top of that, Katie realized that she didn’t feel pretty anymore

Weight loss journey of Katie Dunlop

When she finally decided to change something, it didn’t quite go as planned. Katie didn’t grow up as a fitness freak, so she did the first thing most of us would do: she started to look for quick and easy diets with the promise of losing weight in no time. The internet is full of advice on how to lose weight, so it wasn’t hard to get caught in the spiderweb of lies. Katie tried several promising diets, which sometimes were unhealthy, and usually unfortunately failed

Katie’s motivation changed when she met her husband, Ryan. He shared Katie’s effort to get fit and decided to join her. They started to look for healthy weight loss options, starting with proper nutrition. They searched for healthy and easy recipes and slowly changed their whole diet. Suddenly, their fridge contained more fruits, vegetables and healthy fats than processed foods and snacks. The biggest change in Katie’s life came when she realized that healthy food can be as yummy as those high-calorie fast food items. Once she learned how to cook with healthy ingredients, her life turned upside down. 

Love Sweat Fitness by Katie Dunlop

Once she got caught up in the healthy lifestyle, Katie decided to share it with other people. At the beginning of 2013, she started to teach Barre classes in a local gym. Barre is a type of fitness that combines basic fitness principles with Pilates moves. In late 2013, Katie created her Instagram account, which started the era of Love Sweat Fitness. Katie’s primary intention was to film her Barre classes and share them with her clients who couldn’t make it to class. But shortly after she started, she began getting more and more requests from people who came across her account. Eventually, in 2014, Katie finally created her Love Sweat Fitness YouTube channel

Katie’s channel is called after her motto, which is “Good things come to those who sweat”. She stands by this philosophy in most of her workout videos, which are sure to make you sweat, even if they are short. Katie’s workout plans are divided by body parts and muscle groups, so everyone can choose which ones to watch. Even though her workout videos are very popular, the most popular series includes Katie’s weight loss journey. Her most popular video is My 45 Pound Weight Loss Story & How I Kept It Off (Before & After) + Update, with over 2,7 million views. Katie isn’t ashamed of her past; she embraces it. She’s aware that people look up to those who work hard for their results and are sincere about their weaknesses. 

Interesting facts about Katie Dunlop 

  • As of 2022, she is 35 years old. 
  • Her zodiac sign is Pisces. 
  • Her height is 5’6’’ or 165 cm.
  • Her weight is 60 kilograms or 122 lbs. 
  • She gained over 40 lbs while studying in college. 
  • She managed to lose all that weight by eating healthy and working out. 
  • She lost weight alongside her husband, Ryan
  • She has over 759 thousand subscribers on her Love Sweat Fitness YouTube channel. 
  • Her most popular video is My 45 Pound Weight Loss Story & How I Kept It Off (Before & After) + Update, with over 2,7 million views.