Kelsey Wells

Who is Kelsey Wells?

Kelsey Wells is an Australian fitness influencer who is active on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and other social platforms. She was born on 1st September 1990 in Australia. She is known for posting fitness-related content on her social media.

Personal life of Kelsey Wells

Kelsey met her husband, Ryan Wells when she was still in high school. They were high school sweethearts and started dating when Kelsey was just 17 years old. They got married young but never regretted that decision. They had their first child, a son named Anderson, in 2014.

Did Kelsey Wells suffer from post-partum depression?

Kelsey loved to play sports when she was young but didn’t like working out. This changed after her son, Anderson, was born. Kelsey used to cry a lot after giving birth and went to the doctor’s office to get checked out. She found out that she suffered from a case of post-partum depression/anxiety and didn’t know what to do. The doctor suggested that she should try exercise, as it might help with her mental state. Kelsey took his advice and started to search for fitness options.

Although she liked her post-partum body, Kelsey enjoyed seeing it change for the better. Her main goal was to feel better mentally, and the results were noticeable in a few weeks. Kelsey felt much better and motivated to keep going, which resulted in signing to a gym. Since she wanted to feel and look stronger, she started to look for nutritional advice. Exercise helped her in many ways, but the results weren’t that obvious. Therefore, Kelsey decided to change her whole diet and start eating healthy and balanced meals.

Kelsey Wells on social media

Since she started to combine proper nutrition with exercise, her body has changed a lot. Due to weightlifting, her figure toned up and overall, she felt strong and healthy. To keep herself motivated, Kelsey joined Instagram in 2015. Not only it allowed her to track her progress, but it also gave her a chance to inspire others. Kelsey knew she wasn’t the only mom who experienced post-partum depression, and she wanted to show other women that change isn’t hard. She posted a few pictures comparing her before and after, and soon her Instagram went viral. Other women joined Kelsey and admitted to their own difficult situations.

Since she is a mom, who has to take care of her son, Kelsey makes sure to make her training sessions as short as possible. She works out six days a week and specializes in intense, fast training. These fast sessions allow her to maintain her beautiful figure and still have a lot of time to care for herself and her family. She created a lot of different plans for her training in order to keep them entertaining. Doing the same sets every day would bore the hell out of her, so she makes sure to change her routine regularly.

Kelsey Wells on TikTok

Since her fans enjoyed it when she posted short videos, Kelsey decided to join TikTok. Fitness content is very popular on TikTok, so she fits right in. She uses her platform to educate, amuse and communicate with her fans. One of her most popular TikTok videos contains her before and after pictures. People who are just starting to work out hate when influencers present it as something easy. That’s why Kelsey’s video got so many positive comments. She showed pictures of her from 2014 and 2020, pointing out that she had been working out for 6 years before achieving her figure. Another important message was that she weighed the same in 2020 as she weighed in 2014. She didn’t lose weight; she just transformed fat into muscle.  

Interesting facts about Kelsey Wells

  • As of 2022, she is 32 years old.
  • Her zodiac sign is Virgo.
  • Her height is 5'7'' or 170 cm.
  • Her weight is 65 kilograms or 145 lbs.
  • She is married to Ryan Wells, whom she met in high school. They have a son named Anderson, who was born in 2014.
  • She started working out because of post-partum depression.
  • She has over 2,9 million followers on her Instagram account.
  • She is famous for showing her before and after photos.