Keltie O’Connor

Who is Keltie O'Connor?

Keltie O’Connor is a Canadian fitness influencer who is active on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and other social platforms. She was born on 12th July 1991 in Edmonton, Canada. She is known for posting fitness-related content on her social media.   

Early life of Keltie O’Connor  

Growing up, Keltie was always an active child who loved playing different sports and games. From middle school to high school, Keltie tried out a few sports activities and learned about her strengths and weaknesses. Her parents were supportive of her passion and signed Keltie up for volleyball, running and swimming. Keltie swam competitively for a brief period of time before trying basketball. Once she tried basketball, she fell in love and decided to give it all her free time.   

Education of Keltie O’Connor   

Even though she excelled at sports and basketball in particular, Keltie was a brilliant student. She got good grades and turned in all of her assignments on time. Because of that, college applications didn’t worry her much as long as she could study her favourite field. She finally decided to send an application to King’s University, where she got accepted. She decided to study human biology, which was her passion, particularly because she loved Grey’s Anatomy.   

She eventually found out that health wasn’t her passion as much as she thought and didn’t finish her degree. On the second attempt, Keltie tried Bachelor of Business and Bachelor of Science at the same time. She was just a few months short on getting both but realised that she didn’t need them. By that time, Keltie had already found her passion in fitness and decided to pursue it instead of finishing school. 

Keltie O’Connor and basketball   

While preparing for high school graduation, Keltie had to choose between volleyball and basketball because she wouldn’t be able to do both. She knew she had a ton of studying ahead and wanted to focus on her academic life. She couldn’t decide at first but later realised that she would miss basketball a lot more than volleyball. Keltie stuck with her decision and continued playing basketball while studying for her degree. Since her team performed well, they had a chance to compete in some local championships. 

Keltie didn’t mind training more because she was used to it, and on top of it, she wanted to win the games. During one game, Keltie accidentally stumbled up and fell, which caused her to dislocate her knee. Even though it hurt as hell, Keltie was determined to heal and continue playing basketball. For her knee to heal better, Keltie was recommended physiotherapy and strength training at the gym. Once she started visiting the gym regularly, Keltie realised that she enjoyed it very much and that she wanted to pursue a career in the fitness industry.   

Keltie O’Connor - a fitness model   

Once she quit basketball, Keltie started focusing on bodybuilding and went to the gym every day. During that time, Instagram was just getting popular, so she decided to join it. Because she loved the gym environment, Keltie started posting some photos of herself during a workout or just hanging out in the gym. Suddenly, her account started to get a lot of traction, attracting thousands of followers in a couple of weeks. With her account going viral, Keltie started getting photoshoot offers. Different brands reached out to her to become their fitness model, and Keltie decided to give it a shot. Once she agreed to a couple of photoshoots, she realised that she loved being in front of a camera. After some time, Kelsie even attended some fitness shows, where she got even more popular.   

Keltie O’Connor on YouTube  

Keltie decided to join YouTube in 2013 when she created her self-titled channel. Since she was already working as a personal trainer and nutrition coach, she wanted to reach out to more people. She began posting training videos and tutorials with detailed descriptions, so people could try her workouts themselves. She got some views but not too many, so there was no way of earning money from YouTube. But Keltie had fun filming and talking to people about their fitness routines, so she didn’t mind that she wasn’t famous.   

After some time, Keltie decided to spice her channel up and thought about new exciting topics. Since she was very strong and athletic, Keltie got excited about testing her limits and comparing her physique to others. She created a series called Fitness Challenge Bucketlist, where she would try different regimes of famous people in the fitness world. Whether it was a gymnast’s workout routine or Victoria’s Secret diet plan, Keltie wasn’t afraid to try it. Her most popular video is I did Tom Brady’s Insane diet for a month and Lost Too Much Weight, with over 4,6 million views. The video got viral as soon as Keltie posted it, and so did her channel.   

Keltie O’Connor - breast augmentation   

When Keltie got interested in fitness and bodybuilding, she thought about joining shows and competitions. But once she started training so much, she lost a lot of weight, including her boobs. She didn’t mind it until she realised that without boobs, she had a lesser chance of winning a fitness show. She made a decision and got in touch with a plastic surgeon who gave her implants. Once she healed after the surgery, Keltie noticed that she didn’t like her new appearance: Her implants looked too big, and she just felt uncomfortable overall.   

Keltie thought that she just had to get used to it, so she went on about her life and worked out in the gym. But after a couple of months, she noticed that her hair was getting thinner and her face was getting worse, even with expensive skincare. She did her research and found out that some people had the same negative experience with breast implants. Without hesitation, Keltie called her doctor and made an appointment for an extraction of those implants. Once she got them out, she finally felt better again and noticed an improvement in mobility, which was very much needed. Keltie shared her story on YouTube, where she stated that she’s much happier without the implants but doesn’t want to discourage anyone. 

How much does Keltie O’Connor earn? Net worth  

As of 2023, her net worth is estimated to be over 1 million US dollars. Even though she doesn’t have so many followers on social media, Keltie has other sources of income. Since she was a popular fitness model, she got several offers on brand sponsorships and brand deals.   

Interesting facts about Keltie O'Connor

  • As of 2023, she is 31 years old.   
  • Her zodiac sign is Cancer.  
  • Her height is 5’7’’ or 170 cm.   
  • Her weight is 54 kilograms or 120 lbs.   
  • She played basketball in college.   
  • She studied at King’s University for a degree in health but didn’t finish it.   
  • She has a long-time sponsorship agreement with GymShark.   
  • She has over 467 thousand subscribers on her self-titled YouTube channel.   
  • Her most popular video is I did Tom Brady’s Insane diet for a month and Lost Too Much Weight, with over 4,6 million views.  
  • As of 2023, her net worth is estimated to be over 1 million US dollars