Lauren Drain

Who is Lauren Drain?

Lauren Drain is an American fitness influencer who is active on YouTube, Instagram and other social platforms. She was born on 31st December 1985 in Florida. She is known as a former member of the Westboro Baptist Church who took her life into her own hands and became a fitness vlogger.

Lauren Drain as a member of the Westboro Baptish Church

Lauren’s father was working on a documentary about the Westboro Baptist Church when he felt a connection with their traditions and became a convert there. His family followed him to the church, and they all became members in 2001. At first, Lauren tried hard to believe and become a good Christian to please her parents. She followed the traditions of the church and obeyed every commandment, even though some didn’t make sense to her.

Later on, she started to notice that some of the things they were doing weren’t right. She felt like every aspect of her life was being judged by the church members. On top of that, she was basically forced to judge other people in the same way. As she was growing up, she didn’t like that she wasn’t allowed to date boys or marry whomever she wanted. She felt ashamed for being a part of the church, whose religion didn’t sit right with her. She started to attend Washburn University, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing in 2007. While attending college, she was thinking more about all the things that bothered her about the church and started to express her concerns.

Why was Lauren Drain ex-communicated from the church?

In the same year, in 2007, she was excommunicated from the church for speaking up about her concerns and questioning the church’s commandments. The worst part of her ex-communication was that her parents didn’t stay by her. Her parents, along with her siblings, stayed in the church and cut all ties with Lauren. She decided to begin controlling her own life and found a job as a Registered nurse. While working as a nurse, Lauren started to write down her memories from the church and slowly wrote a whole book. In 2013 she published a book, Banished: Surviving My Years in the Westboro Baptist Church, which became one of the best-selling books. The book describes Lauren’s life in the church and explains her ex-communication.

Personal life of Lauren Drain

Lauren wasn’t going to stop at the book. She shocked a lot of people by joining the NOH8 campaign, which openly criticizes the Baptist church’s opinions and promotes equality. She explained that she joined the campaign because she is against bullying and violence, which her former church promoted. In 2013, Lauren married her husband, David Kagan. He appreciates her and supports her decisions about her life. They had her first daughter, Aria Skye, in 2019.

Lauren Drain as a fitness influencer

Lauren started focusing on fitness around the time she published her book. She felt like her life needed a purpose since it was no longer all about religion. Fitness seemed like a healthy passion, so she started working out and slowly improving her mental health. She joined YouTube in 2012 and Instagram in 2011. She managed to change her body to a point where she could compete in bodybuilding competitions. She became a WBFF Bikini Pro Model and started to post her modelling photos on Instagram.

Even though she created her YouTube channel for the purpose of inspiring other people, her most popular videos are on the topic of religion. Since publishing her book, Lauren has appeared on many TV shows, where she told her story. She doesn’t deny this side of her life and does everything she can to educate people on the topic. Her modelling photos and workout videos gained her over 5 million followers throughout all her social platforms. Lauren continues doing what she likes and improves her life day by day.  

Interesting facts about Lauren Drain

  • As of 2022, she is 36 years old.
  • Her zodiac sign is Capricorn.
  • Her height is 5'6'' or 168 cm.
  • Her weight is 62 kilograms or 135 lbs.
  • She spent 7 years as a member of the Westboro Baptist Church. She has been ex-communicated in 2007 for speaking against its traditions.
  • In 2013 she published a book, Banished: Surviving My Years in the Westboro Baptist Church, which became of the best-selling books.
  • She shocked the world by joining the NOH8 campaign, which spoke against her previous religion.
  • She had been married to David Kahan since 2013. They had their daughter, Aria Skye, in 2019.
  • She has over 4 million followers on her Instagram account.