Michelle Lewin

Who is Michelle Lewin?

Michelle Lewin is a Venezuelan fitness influencer who is active on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and other social platforms. She was born on 25th February 1986 in Maracay, Venezuela. She is known for posting fitness-related videos on her YouTube channel and modelling photos on Instagram.

Early life and background of Michelle Lewin

When she was young, her father abandoned her mother and left those two alone. Because of that, Michelle grew up in poverty alongside her mother, who tried her best to provide food on the table. Even though Michelle started working at a very young age, sometimes it wasn’t enough, so they had to accept food from the neighbourhood charity. Because of the lack of food, Michelle grew up very thin and got used to wearing long sleeves to hide it. Things started getting better when she was 17 years old when her mother took her to the local gym for the first time.

Michelle was very passionate about fitness from the first moment because it allowed her to take her life into her own hands and change her appearance. She started working out almost daily, and the results came quickly. She used to be the most insecure about her skinny legs, so she focused on training them first. She ended up with a larger lower body than the upper, but it gave her the motivation to keep going.

Personal life of Michelle Lewin

Michelle met her husband, Jimmy Lewin, in 2008. He is a bodybuilder from Sweden and has helped Michelle to work out her upper body. They got married in 2010, and in 2022, Michelle got pregnant with their first child. Jimmy has been only supportive towards Michelle’s dreams and has helped her to achieve them. He was the one who talked her into participating in modelling and bodybuilding competitions, which completely changed her life.

Is Michelle Lewin a professional bodybuilder?

Michelle took part in many bodybuilding competitions, which took place in Rome in Paris. She has an incredible physique but was made fun of because of her height. It changed after she moved to Miami, where she won many competitions, including the NPC Fort Lauderdale Cup.

Michelle Lewin's YouTube channel

She created her YouTube channel in 2011 in order to inspire other people to work out. Her first videos consisted mainly of shortcuts of her bodybuilding shows and modelling sessions. People noticed her account and started to ask for her workout routines. Since then, she started filming workout videos, each focused on one body part or area. These videos became extremely popular because they allowed people to choose what workout is the best solution for their goal. Since enlarging the booty and focusing on glute muscles became trendy, she filmed several videos on the topic. She loves to help people to achieve their dream bodies without unnecessary surgeries.

Besides workouts, healthy eating habits are just as important. Michelle included healthy recipes in her YouTube content to inspire others. She learned how to prepare healthy balanced meals and wanted to show her fans that they don’t need to do some crazy diets just to lose weight. Michelle’s whole account is about balance and a healthy lifestyle, which makes it easy to slightly change someone’s appearance.

Michelle Lewin's Instagram

Michelle created her Instagram account in 2013, which went viral almost immediately. Although she admitted that she had breast surgery, everything else is naturally earned by hard work. She has a beautiful fit figure and doesn’t hesitate to show it. She often poses in her underwear or other revealing clothes, which makes her account very popular. Since she got pregnant, she didn’t stop working out and still keeps her fit figure. She even posts pregnant working-out videos, where she shows that it doesn’t limit her in any way.  

Interensting facts about Michelle Lewin

  • As of 2022, she is 36 years old.
  • Her zodiac sign is Pisces.
  • Her height is 5'4'' or 164 cm.
  • Her weight is 62 kilograms or 135 lbs.
  • She grew up in poverty after her father abandoned her mother.
  • She started working out at 17 years old when she weighed only 85 lbs.
  • She has been married to Jimmy Lewin, a Swedish bodybuilder, since 2010.
  • She competed in many bodybuilding competitions, including the NPC Fort Lauderdale Cup, where she won in 2013.
  • She has over 15 million followers on her Instagram account.