Paige Hathaway

Who is Paige Hathaway?

Paige Hathaway is an American fitness influencer who is active on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and other social platforms. She was born on 31st July 1987 in Minnesota, United States. She is known for posting bodybuilding and fitness-related content on her social media.

Early life and background of Paige Hathaway

Paige was born into an unfunctional family. Her father enjoyed drinking alcohol a little too much, and his behaviour affected the whole family. Paige’s mother filed divorce papers and battled her father for custody. Paige got used to living in a trailer, having only a little money for food. Her mother decided to move away from her lover, and Paige ended up staying with her grandparents.

Paige grew up as an active child who liked to spend her time playing games and doing sports. While attending high school, she enjoyed playing soccer in her free time. She used to have a rough time at home, so by the time she attended college, she started to enjoy her free life. She appeared at many parties and didn’t care much about her appearance. That’s why she was shocked to find out that the local coach wanted her to attend a fitness show. Initially, she turned the offer down. But after spending some time thinking about it, she decided to take that opportunity.

Paige Hathaway as a fitness model

Of course, it wasn’t as easy as it sounded. Paige had to completely change her eating habits and start working out every single day. Even though it was hard, she managed to get through because she wasn’t new to physical activity. Her hard work paid off when she ranked second in the 2012 Ronnie Coleman Classic competition. As she felt more confident, she joined Instagram in the same year and started to post pictures of her progress. Needless to say, since that time, her social media has gone viral.

Even though her Instagram became so popular, Paige couldn’t pursue her career as a fitness model because she didn’t have enough money. She wasn’t that lucky to get approached by some modelling agency, so she had to figure it out independently. At first, it was hard since she had to work two jobs while sending her portfolio to different modelling agencies. She waited some time until she finally got recognized by Shredz, a company that sold nutritional supplements. Paige caught their eye at the 2012 Olympia Expo, and it became a starting point for her next chapter of life.

When she finally got her modelling contract, offers started to appear everywhere. Soon after that, Paige could finally quit her full-time job and start focusing on her social media presence. Besides posting content on YouTube and Instagram, she created a website to offer training programs to her fans.

Strong Is Beautiful

Paige’s motto is Strong is Beautiful, and she stands by it. But since she got famous, some people had the opposite opinion and felt the need to share it. Paige received a lot of hate for her muscular-looking body, hearing that women shouldn’t be bulky. She got called ugly and manly but fortunately, she never questioned herself. She uses her social media to inspire and support other women who like to feel strong and care for their bodies. She shared a few videos on this topic on her YouTube channel, explaining her point of view. She talked about gaining confidence and not letting anyone talk her out of it. This remains one of the main reasons why Paige is so famous.  

Interesting facts about Paige Hathaway

  • As of 2022, she is 34 years old.
  • Her zodiac sign is Leo.
  • Her height is 5'4'' or 162 cm.
  • Her weight is 52 kilograms or 115 lbs.
  • She grew up in an unfunctional family with a father who was an alcoholic.
  • She was approached by a gym trainer to compete in a fitness show while she was in college.
  • She ranked second in the 2012 Ronnie Coleman Classic competition.
  • Her first modelling contract was with Shredz, a company selling nutritional supplements.
  • She has over 3,6 million followers on her Instagram account.
  • Her motto is Strong is Beautiful.