Paryss Bryanne

Who is Paryss Bryanne?

Paryss Brianne is a Canadian fitness influencer who is active on TikTok, YouTube, Instagram and other social platforms. Her full name is Paryss Tan Brianne, and she was born on 21st November 2002 in Canada. She is known for posting fitness-related content on her social media.   

Early life of Paryss Bryanne   

Paryss grew up alongside her parents in Canada. Both her parents were very athletic and were often going to the gym. Because of that, Paryss had a motivation to get fit since she was a child. She spent a lot of time running outside and playing games, but she was jealous of her parents. Since she wanted to see where they were going all the time, her parents promised to take her one day. When she was around 8 years old, her parents decided that she was old enough and took Paryss to the gym for the first time ever.   

Even though they put her into daycare and went working out, Paryss would always spend her time watching her parents. She watched them do the heavy lifting and thought that it looked like a lot of fun. Once Paryss was a little bit older, her father agreed to train her since she begged to try lifting as well. While her parents expected her to get bored quickly, Paryss surprisingly stayed motivated. When she was 13, Paryss asked her father to train her for a powerlifting meeting which was meant to be in a few months. He agreed, and when they showed up, Paryss managed to break an American record on her first event.  

Fitness journey of Paryss Bryanne   

Without ever expecting it, Paryss became a powerlifting champion at 13 years old. On the one hand, it motivated her for her future goals, but on the other, it demotivated her because it was too much work. Maybe it would be better at a different age, but Paryss was just 13 years old and had other priorities than lifting weights. Her parents supported her decision to take a break, so she did. After some time, Paryss wasn’t doing any physical activity, and she became more anxious and depressed than ever before. She tried to overcome it by watching movies and lying around, but it wasn’t working. Eventually, her mum had enough of it and basically dragged Paryss back to the gym. Paryss gave in and started lifting again, only to find out that it actually made her feel better.   

The same script repeated itself a few times. Parys would work out for a while, then get bored, and finally, she had to be dragged back to the gym. The first time, it was her mother dragging her back, but other times, all it took was Paryss motivating herself. When she was around 18 years old, Paryss finally decided on her goal, and that’s when she began trying really hard. The hardest move for Paryss was eating right, but once she got that, there was nothing that could stop her anymore.  

Paryss Bryanne on TikTok  

Paryss created her TikTok account in 2020 to share fitness tips and post funny reels. She enjoyed making fun of herself and figured that it might get popular on TikTok. Her impressive figure and genuinely funny personality gained her a few thousand followers. Paryss enjoyed making content, but she wasn’t trying to get more followers. Paryss got way more popular at the beginning of 2023 when she posted a video with a popular meme TikToker, BOESHI. In the said video, Boeshi figuratively gives Paryss his powers and teaches her how to do the Chad face. The video collected over 50 million views, which is insane. Since Paryss learned how to do the Chad face on command, it became her signature move. She literally posted the same videos over and over, collecting millions of views every time. Even though she’s a talented content creator, Paryss has Boeshi to thank for her skyrocketing fame.   

Paryss Bryanne – Natty or not?   

When it comes to popular fitness influencers, most people usually have only one question to ask. Is their progress natural, or are they on steroids? When she’s asked this important question, Paryss is more happy than usual. After all, being asked this question or even accused of being unnatural is the greatest compliment a gym person can get. Paryss is getting accused of using steroids more often than expected, but she doesn’t take it harshly. Since most of her TikTok videos are zoomed in on her torso with greatly adjusted lighting, Paryss realises that she might look more muscular than she actually is.   

Is Paryss Bryanne copying LeanBeefPatty?  

Once she became TikTok famous, Paryss started hearing the name Patty too often without realising the meaning. After a while, she figured out that people were mistaking her for another fitness TikTok star called LeanBeefPatty. The confusion is understandable to some point: They are both pretty muscular women with shorter dark hair and charming personality. Once she found out that she was being accused of copying Patty, Paryss got afraid to wear her glasses, which were also similar to Patty’s. Eventually, this confusion and accusations all led to a good thing because it made Patty and Paryss become good friends.   

Paryss Bryanne on YouTube  

With her newly gained popularity, Paryss decided to join YouTube as well. She filmed a couple of normal videos, but it just didn’t feel right. Although not many people know this, Paryss initially started her online career on Twitch. She wanted to become a variety streamer and have fun with her followers. But once she tried posting a TikTok, she felt like it came to her naturally. Paryss found out that she loved the TikTok format with 3 minutes of content at a time. The same thing happened with YouTube just a little later. Paryss began with normal videos and quickly switched to shorts, YouTube’s new format. While her normal videos have only a few thousand views, her shorts gain a couple of millions of views each.   

Personal life of Paryss Bryanne  

While she appears to be older on camera, Paryss is just at the beginning of her twenties. That being said, more people have trouble believing her age because she is already happily married. Her husband, Lewis Tan, is a personal trainer and a fitness influencer as well. The couple shares more than just a fitness passion, as they are both religious. When asked to do a cosplay, Paryss promised to do just a modest version of it with respect for her husband’s feelings. Paryss and Lewis got married in May of 2022.   

How much does Paryss Bryanne earn? Net worth  

As of 2023, her net worth is estimated to be over 350 thousand US dollars. Alongside her huge following on TikTok, Paryss earns some additional money from brand deals and sponsorships. She is also thinking about getting into personal training as a side gig.   

Interesting facts about Paryss Bryanne  

  • As of 2023, she is 20 years old.   
  • Her zodiac sign is Scorpio.  
  • Her height is 5’7’’ or 170 cm.  
  • Her weight is 62 kilograms or 136 lbs.   
  • Her full name is Paryss Tan Brianne.   
  • She first visited the gym when she was 8 years old.   
  • At 13 years old, she broke the American powerlifting record.   
  • Before joining TikTok, she started her online career as a Twitch streamer.   
  • She has over 6,3 million followers on TikTok, with an additional 1,3 million subscribers on YouTube. 
  • She got famous after her collaboration with Boeshi.  
  • As of 2023, her net worth is estimated to be over 350 thousand US dollars