Who is zoeunlimited?

Zoe unlimited is a Chinese Canadian influencer who is active on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and other social platforms. She was born on 31st July 1998 in Nanjing, China. She is known for posting fitness and popular content on her social media.   

Early life of zoeunlimited  

Zoe grew up alongside her parents in their house in China and in Canada. While her parents left China to start a new life, they still kept their connections there and often visited their family. Zoe grew up like an only child, even though she has a sister. Her sister was born almost 10 years later than Zoe, so they weren't very close. Since she always loved physical activities, Zoe's parents signed her up for karate classes when she was young. She found new friends there but also fell in love with the sport. After some time, Zoe started to work hard and joined the competitive team, where she stayed for 8 years. Eventually, Zoe had to quit karate to focus more on school, but she never abandoned sports.   

Education of zoeunlimited   

Zoe learned from her parents that education is key to a good life, so she always paid attention in class and did her homework. Since she worked hard, Zoe had hardly any trouble completing her assignments, which gave her a head start in college. While choosing where to go next, Zoe came around the University of California Los Angeles, which caught her attention. Zoe decided to send in her application and got in, even though UCLA is considered to be one of the most selective universities in the United States. Zoe decided to study business economics as her major and accounting as her minor. She managed to get through and graduated in 2019 with a bachelor's degree in business economics.   

Early career of zoeunlimited  

After finishing her education, Zoe was prepared to look for job openings, but she didn't have to. Since she graduated from UCLA, job offers came to her, asking her to join their company. Besides her education, Zoe had the advantage of knowing how to speak Mandarin and English and a little bit of French. She eventually decided to take a job offer from Porsche and become an experienced associate at a big4 public accounting firm. Even after her channel got off, Zoe stayed working in that position because she enjoyed it.   

zoeunlimited weight loss journey  

Once she got accepted to UCLA, Zoe realised that she had to work extra hard to make it. With this realisation, she started focusing solely on her studies and forgot about everything else. Because of that, Zoe gained a lot of weight in her freshman year, which really concerned her because she was used to being the skinny kid. Zoe knew that only losing weight wouldn't work because she always gained it back. To fight this consequence and to break the cycle, Zoe decided to start living a healthy lifestyle. This way, she could heal her body and soul, and losing weight would become just a positive by-product. Once she decided to change her lifestyle, Zoe not only lost weight but started feeling a lot better.   

zoeunlimited on YouTube  

Once she noticed how great the healthy lifestyle felt, Zoe wanted to share it with someone. Even though she already had her plate full, Zoe decided to make room and start a YouTube channel. While being a talented business major, Zoe always loved the thought of storytelling and creating content. She created her channel in 2019 and started posting videos about her and her new lifestyle.  

Since she began her channel with fitness and diet videos, Zoe has become one of YouTube's fitness influencers. People came to her channel to look for weight loss advice and healthy recipes. Even though her content has grown since then, Zoe's fitness videos remain to be the most popular ones on her channel. Her most popular video is Smaller waist in a week?! I did a 1minute workout for 7 days (shocking) P.S. Giveaway, with over 7,5 million views.   

Does zoeunlimited promote eating disorders?  

While Zoe was thrilled by her weight loss, it sparked a conversation about beauty standards. While Zoe just enjoyed posting healthy lifestyle content, people got angry because of her appearance. Zoe was a petite skinny girl, and because of that, people saw her content as harmful. It came as far as people on the internet started accusing Zoe of being fat-phobic and that she was fat-shaming people. In response to all these accusations, Zoe decided to film a video called Sorry I'm not "fat" enough.   

Naturally, even the title made some people angry, but Zoe was prepared to fight for her cause. In her video, she called about the forbidden term "skinny shaming" and how real it actually is. She said that she is allowed to make healthy lifestyle content even when she is skinny. While the video title sounded offensive, many people in the comments agreed with Zoe and talked about their experience with skinny-shaming and how bad it made them feel. In 2021, a popular TikTok dietician, Abbey Sharp, decided to film a video on Zoe's diet. That video wasn't negative, but it certainly caused another conversation about Zoe's eating habits.  

zoeunlimited healing diaries  

Once she posted her skinny shaming video, Zoe realised how many people need reminding that social media isn't real. She knew how much damage it caused her and how insecure she felt because of perfect influencers. She felt like she needed to do something about it and started her series called Healing diaries. In this series, Zoe isn't afraid to share her opinion and call out toxic internet trends. The main point of these is to help people heal from their expectations about themselves alongside Zoe. Since she added her new content, Zoe's channel became more popular, which encouraged her to continue filming about important topics.   

How much does zoeunlimited earn? Net Worth  

As of 2023, her net worth is estimated to be over 600 thousand US dollars. Most of her earnings come from YouTube advertisements as well as Instagram photos.   

Interesting facts about zoeunlimited   

  • As of 2023, she is 25 years old.   
  • Her zodiac sign is Leo.   
  • Her height is 5'5" or 169cm.   
  • Her weight is 55 kilograms or 121 lbs.   
  • She attended the University of California Los Angeles, where she graduated in 2019.   
  • She has a bachelor's degree in business economics. She minored in accounting.   
  • She has a full-time job as a Porshe's experienced associate at a big4 public accounting firm.  
  • She has over 900 thousand subscribers on YouTube, with an additional 300 thousand followers on other social platforms.   
  • Her most popular video is Smaller waist in a week?! I did a 1minute workout for 7 days (shocking) P.S. Giveaway, with over 7,5 million views.  
  • As of 2023, her net worth is estimated to be over 600 thousand US dollars.