Home RenoVision DIY

What is Home RenoVision DIY?

Home RenoVision DIY is a DIY YouTube channel based in the United States. It is owned and operated by Jeff Thorman, who has active accounts on Instagram and TikTok as well. The channel offers handy home improvement and reconstruction advice on its social platforms.   

Who is Jeff Thorman?

While some DIY channels are run by people who just try to have fun, Jeff is no such man. If there was something about home renovations he wouldn't know, he would either educate himself or recommend someone else's advice. Jeff grew up with home renovation in his blood: His father, alongside his brothers, all worked in the industry. Instead of just teaching Jeff, they usually brought him to see home renovations with his own eyes. Because of his family's interest, Jeff learned the most about home renovations when he was just 10 years old.   

Since he got into the industry so young, he learned everything from the old ways of doing things to the new ones. It gave him the advantage of diversity, as he was never hesitant to let his client pick from a few options. Once he learned everything he could from his dad and siblings, Jeff moved on to another company to broaden his horizons even more. Besides running a successful DIY YouTube channel, Jeff works as a home renovation specialist at Thorman Reno Inc.   

Is Home RenoVision DIY helpful?  

Since he had worked in the home renovation industry basically his whole life, Jeff had helped his customers with every possible issue. This experience showed him how many problems could be easily fixed by homeowners if they had the needed knowledge. This realisation stroke Jeff with an idea of how to build his own living and keep helping people. In 2016, Jeff implemented his plan and created a YouTube channel called Home RenoVision DIY. On the channel, he began posting videos with simple tricks for homeowners, which could save them a trip to a general contractor.    

Home RenoVision DIY – Popular videos   

Since he had a friendly face and offered easy, helpful advice, Jeff quickly found his following. Whether it was an older couple in their family home or a young couple investing in their first house, they all could use someone's help from time to time. And don't be mistaken, Jeff's advice was not only helpful but also extremely detailed so anyone could follow. His most popular video is DIY How to Build a Shed A to Z, with over 12 million views. It might seem like an easy clickbait for a 10-minute-long video, which would be helpful for experienced engineers only. But Jeff did the work with every one of his videos, which is why they are sometimes 3 hours long.   

Jeff's YouTube channel became the most popular in 2021 during the storm period in Texas. During that time, a lot of homes in Texas suffered consequences similar to flood damage, and a lot of residents didn't know how to fix it. Jeff posted a video series about flood damage alleviation and how to repair as many things as possible before getting to an actual home contractor. Jeff's other popular series is called A to Z, and it promises to teach viewers how to fix and build things from the very beginning to the end.   

Home RenoVision DIY website   

Since his YouTube channel went viral and gained a big following, Jeff decided to change tactics a little bit. Because there were so many fans, Jeff had no chance to answer all of their questions under each video. Jeff created a membership-only DIY club on his website to fight this inconvenience. Everyone who is willing to pay 5 dollars a month for the membership is promised to have Jeff's undivided attention with every issue. Jeff offers to look at photos and messages from members and to resolve their problems the best way he can while online.   

How much does Jeff Thorman earn? Net Worth of Home RenoVision DIY   

As of 2023, his net worth is estimated to be over 2 million US dollars. Besides his very successful YouTube channel, Jeff has other sources of income. He collected a noticeable sum from his membership-only club. In addition to that, Jeff sells his channel's merchandise, including sweatshirts and hoodies.    

Interesting facts about Jeff Thorman from Home RenoVision DIY  

  • His birthday is on the 9th of August every year.   
  • He was born in Ontario, Canada.   
  • His zodiac sign is Leo.  
  • He used to work as a general contractor and home renovation specialist at Thorman Reno Inc.  
  • He created his Home RenoVision DIY YouTube channel in 2016.   
  • He has over 2,78 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.   
  • His most popular video is DIY How to Build a Shed A to Z, with over 12 million views.  
  • As of 2023, his net worth is estimated to be over 2 million US dollars.