Studio Ann Le

Who is Ann Le?

Ann Le is a Vietnamese-American DIY and lifestyle influencer who is active on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and other social platforms. She was born on 1st November 1985 in Vietnam. She is known for posting DIY and lifestyle content on her social media.  

Early life of Ann Le  

Ann grew up alongside her two older sisters and parents in Vietnam. Like many other Vietnamese families, her parents seek better living conditions for their family. They eventually decided that the best option would be moving to another country. After a while of deciding, they eventually moved to the United States to look for the American dream. They started a new life in Massachusetts, where they took almost every working opportunity just to get by. They managed to earn enough money and start their new life as Americans.   

Ann Le Anneoshine   

Ann always enjoyed trying out different DIY and craft projects in her free time, and she wanted to share them with other people. Once she felt like she had enough time, she created her YouTube channel under the name Anneoshine in 2009. Her early content was dilated between fashion and DIY, which she both enjoyed very much. Even though she later changed her content, some of her earlier videos are still among the most popular on her channel. For example, her video called Scarf Tying Ideas – 6 Ways To Wear Your Scarves was posted in 2012 and since then collected over 3,2 million views.   

Ann Le on HGTV Handmade   

When HGTV producers first thought about starting a DIY YouTube channel, they started looking for young influencers with interesting ideas who might want to join them. In 2012 they reached out to Ann as well, and she accepted their offer. Although some other creators moved all their content to HGTV Handmade, Ann decided to keep her platform and focus on HGTV in her spare time. Since she was required to make mostly DIY videos, Ann slightly changed her own platform and stopped posting fashion tips. Some fans were disappointed by this change, but Ann grew bored of fashion and was excited about something new. After a few years, Ann ran out of ideas, which made her leave HGTV Handmade behind. By that time, she had already built a platform with million subscribers, so she just went back to it full-time.   

Ann Le’s Jaw Surgery  

Ann grew up with a severe underbite that was uncomfortable and painful at times. Because of its benefits, her orthodontist recommended surgery, but Ann was scared of it and, on top of it, couldn’t afford it. She got along fine, and when she felt like she wanted better teeth, Ann asked her dentist for braces. She didn’t mind wearing braces as an adult because it made her more confident and hopeful for her future smile. Unfortunately, braces couldn’t do the same job as surgery, and Ann started to feel discomfort again. This time she asked her doctor for the surgery and began with preparations. The finished result changed her facial features forever, which was hard to get used to. To cope with it and possibly help some other people, Ann documented her journey on YouTube, where she shared her thoughts and moods. She found out that many of her followers had the same surgery, and seeing their idols in the same situation made them feel better.  

Personal life of Ann Le   

While focusing on her career, Ann met Eric, who soon became her husband. Once they settled in, they welcomed their son, Vincent. It all worked out till 2017, when things started to fall apart. Ann found herself feeling stressed and overwhelmed all the time, which took its part in her body. At the beginning of 2017, she had to be hospitalised for a few weeks due to an ovarian cyst. These often happen when someone is really stressed, so Ann decided to re-evaluate her life.   

While sitting in the hospital bed, Ann thought about her life and what was keeping her down. She realised that she was the one slowing herself because she tried to live up to people’s expectations of her. She knew that her marriage wasn’t working for a while, but she tried everything to keep her family together, which ended up hurting her. Eric was a very supportive husband, but their ways separated in 2018. Ann’s son Vincent chose to live with his father because he lived in his school’s district. Ann moved to West Los Angeles, where she felt more connected to the area. She bought an apartment and started renovating it to her liking, which brought her much fun and joy.   

Studio Ann Le   

After splitting paths with her ex-husband, Ann found herself on a blank page which she could fill however she wanted. She bought a small apartment in Los Angeles and began learning about living by herself again. Since it took over her life, Ann decided to share her new lifestyle with her audience. One of her resolutions was to become more organised, to which she devoted several videos. Ann became interested in journaling and slow living, opposite to her previous life. She also started travelling more because she had the time and energy to do so. Since she is a DIY influencer, she filmed several videos on travelling tips, hacks and DIYs. Her most popular video is Travel Tips on How To Pack Light, with over 4,6 million views.   

Ann Le and Minimalism   

Even though she was used to living in a city, Ann realised that it didn’t make her happy. She often felt tired and unmotivated because of all the noise and people, without access to nature. In 2021 she decided to change that and moved to Utah, where she settled down in a quiet place. As opposed to making new things and creating pointless decorations, Ann became tired of materialistic living. She wanted to explore nature, the world and herself in the most natural way. She completely abandoned the classic DIY content and started sharing her healing experience in Utah. She built her own art studio and a small garden, showing her audience the benefits of slow living.   

How much does Ann Le earn? Net worth   

As of 2023, her net worth is estimated to be over 150 thousand US dollars. She makes the most profit out of YouTube. Her other income comes from other social platforms and her Etsy shop, where she sells bullet diaries and other things.   

Interesting facts about Ann Le  

  • As of 2023, she is 37 years old.   
  • Her zodiac sign is Scorpio.   
  • She has a son Vincent from her ex-marriage.   
  • She created her YouTube channel in 2009.  
  • She has been making videos for HGTV Handmade since 2012.   
  • She changed her content from fashion to DIY to minimalism to slow living.  
  • She has over 1,56 million subscribers on her YouTube channel under the name Studio Ann Le.  
  • Her most popular video is Travel Tips on How To Pack Light, with over 4,6 million views.  
  • As of 2023, her net worth is estimated to be over 150 thousand US dollars.