What is JENerationDIY?

JENerationDIY is a DIY YouTube channel owned by Jennifer Zhang. She is also active on Instagram, TikTok and other social platforms. She was born on 5th June 1998 in Canada. She is known for posting DIY and music videos on her social media.   

Early life of Jennifer Zhang  

Jennifer grew up alongside her siblings and parents in Vancouver. She always used to be independent, playing alone and figuring out new things. She taught herself how to braid her own hair when she was just three years old. Her family came to Canada as immigrants with just a little money, so her parents couldn't afford many things besides necessities. Since Jennifer wanted to have pretty things, she just learned how to make them herself.   

Education of Jennifer Zhang   

Jennifer created her YouTube channel when she was just 15 years old. Since she was so young, her siblings and parents saw it only as a weird hobby. Jennifer felt the same way which made her think about attending college. She eventually enrolled at New York University, usually called NYU. She grew up as a straight-A student, which put a lot of pressure on her in college. Jennifer not only had high work morale, but she also grew up in a traditional Asian household. She was expected to succeed in the academic world, graduating with a master's degree at least. That much harder it was for Jennifer to confess that she dropped out of university in 2019. At that time, her YouTube channel already took off, and Jennifer saw another future in front of herself than university.   

Jennifer Zhang before fame   

Since Jennifer began her YouTube journey so soon, her parents didn't even know what she was doing. They noticed her hobby when she enrolled on university and wanted her to stop, so she would have more time to study. Luckily, Jennifer's sister talked them down, ensuring them that Jennifer was doing great at school. In 2014, Jennifer's channel went from thousand subscribers to 100 thousand during that one year. At that point, she started to make money out of it and get paid sponsorships. That's when her parents acknowledged that it could mean something. When Jennifer told her parents that she was dropping out of school, they weren't happy, but eventually, they came around.   

Jennifer Zhang and Gen Z   

What was it that convinced Jennifer to start her own YouTube career? She sees herself as a part of generation Z, which is the "do it yourself" generation. This generation lived through the pandemic just when they were supposed to figure out their lives. Jennifer was one of them, unsure about her own future. That's why she decided to join YouTube: She wanted to create an opportunity for her future self. When it came to picking a theme, DIY was a certain choice. Jennifer was anyway used to making her own things, so why not share them with others.   


Jennifer created her YouTube channel in 2013 and named it JENerationDIY as a combination of generation DIY and her own name. She spent an entire week editing her first video, making sure that it was perfect. But as years went by, Jennifer realised that people didn't care about perfection as much as they cared for authenticity. People wanted to see the real Jennifer and not only her YouTube version. Since she felt some connection with her fans, Jennifer decided to create a second YouTube channel just for vlogs. There she filmed vlogs and talked about her family, education and hobbies.   

JENereationDIY YouTube channel  

Jennifer's content changed over time, as expected. She started as a simple DIY creator and ended as an internet celebrity with millions of fans. Her earlier videos contained mainly DIY hacks usually focused on school supplies and room decorations. Her most popular video is DIY Room Organization and Storage Ideas / How to Clean Your Room, with over 9,1 million views. Her other popular videos contained hacks and tips for makeup, fashion and hobbies. As her channel grew, Jennifer revealed more things about her life because her fans started to feel like her family.   

JENerationDIY – The Glow Up Project  

Since she grew up and got older, Jennifer started filming slightly different content than before. Her newer content includes lifestyle tips and ideas appropriate for adult life. Her series called The Glow Up Project is the final combination of Jennifer's thoughts in one place. Besides inspiring others to make changes to their life, Jennifer uses this series to hold herself accountable. She shares her discoveries about correcting her sleeping schedule and finding peace, considering her love life. Since she is used to speaking in front of a camera, Jennifer's videos often feel like a video chat with one's best friend. Her personality and honesty continue luring other viewers to her channel.   

How much does Jennifer Zhang earn? Net worth of JENerationDIY   

As of 2023, her net worth is estimated to be over 2,5 million US dollars. Jennifer makes the most money out of YouTube viewings because of paid advertisements. Her other sources of income are made by her social platforms, including TikTok.   

Interesting facts about JENerationDIY   

  • It is owned and operated by Jennifer Zhang.  
  • As of 2023, she is 25 years old.   
  • Her zodiac sign is Gemini.   
  • Her family came to Canada from China.   
  • She studied at New York University but dropped out after two years.   
  • She created her JENerationDIY YouTube channel in 2013.   
  • She has over 2,68 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, with an additional million followers in total from other social platforms.   
  • Her most popular video is DIY Room Organization and Storage Ideas / How to Clean Your Room, with over 9,1 million views.  
  • As of 2023, her net worth is estimated to be over 2,5 million US dollars.