Who is Chest'er?

Chest'er is a DIY influencer who is active on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and other social platforms. His channel is based in Australia, but Chester speaks mainly Russian language. His YouTube platform was created in 2013, and since then has collected over 92 million views in total.   

Chest'er furniture   

Chester is a man who enjoys working with his own hands, on his own terms. His hobbies include the restoration of old furniture, completing DIY projects and learning about simple DIY tools. When starting, Chester's channel was all in Russian, including video captions and titles. Chester found his loyal audience, who loved to learn simple tricks from him. Since his content was completely in Russian, Chester's audience was formed by especially Russian speakers or Russians.   

Chester is a very talented creator who obviously knows how to work. But even though he didn't mind going to work while also creating content for YouTube, he wanted to change something. Chester decided that he wanted to increase his internet reach and attract more subscribers, which would mean more views. And while more views would make him more popular, it would also earn him more money, which he could use to buy more supplies.   

Does Chest'er speak English?  

Once he decided on his goal, Chester started researching ways to attract more followers. Since he was already satisfied with his content, Chester thought about other changes. He noticed that some people in the comments were speaking English, which gave him an idea. Even though Chester couldn't speak English except for a few simple sentences, he decided to make his YouTube channel accessible to English speakers. In order to do that, Chester started incorporating English into his channel.   

The first step was changing video titles from Russian to English, so everyone would know the point of each video before opening it. The second step included adding English descriptions to videos so that people could read them. Chester usually doesn't speak in his videos because he believes that his hands speak for themselves. His audio is formed by simple acoustic music, which isn't disturbing or annoying.   

Chest’er popular videos  

As soon as he incorporated English into his videos, Chester's views started going up, as well as his subscribers' numbers. Once people knew what his videos were about, they became interested and started watching them. Chester's speciality is making or restoring armchairs and seats. His most popular video is Pouf For $10 DIY, with over 5,4 million views. While some people definitely like to learn from Chester, others like to watch him because of his skills. Chester is dexterous and fast but also gentle while working, making sure that the resulting furniture is beautiful and functional.   

How much does Chest'er earn? Net worth  

As of 2023, his net worth is estimated to be over 240 thousand US dollars. While Chester makes some money from YouTube advertisements, he has other sources of income. Since he can't use or gift all of his DIY projects, he has a small internet store where he sells some of his best work.   

Interesting facts about Chest'er   

  • His YouTube channel was created in 2013.   
  • While the channel is based in Australia, it is operated in Russian language.   
  • He has over 1,05 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.   
  • His most popular video is Pouf For $10 DIY, with over 5,4 million views.  
  • As of 2023, his net worth is estimated to be over 240 thousand US dollars.