Who is LaurDIY?

LaurDIY is a Canadian DIY influencer who is active on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and other social platforms. Her real name is Lauren Kobayashi Riihimaki, and she was born on 11th August 1993 in Ontario, Canada. She is known for posting fitness and lifestyle-related content on her social media.

Early life of LaurDIY  

While Lauren was born and raised in Canada, her middle and last name came from other countries. Lauren inherited her Finnish last name from her father, who is Finnish and Ukrainian, and her middle name from her mother's Japanese heritage. Lauren grew up as an only child, which meant that her parents gave her most of their time. She was an active child, so her parents signed her up for swimming classes, piano lessons and guitar lessons.   

Education of LaurDIY  

When in high school, Lauren showed interest in learning. She always paid attention to classes and did all of her assignments on time. Because of her hard work, she got into the French Immersion program, where all of her classes were in French. Even though it was a challenging program, Lauren managed to learn everything needed and became the valedictorian of her class. Once she graduated from high school, Lauren was already looking forward to moving to another city and getting a fresh start. Her university of choice became Ryerson University in Toronto, where she started studying graphic communications management. She graduated with a Bachelor of Technology and moved on with her life.   

LaurDIY blog   

Even though she initially loved the idea of graphic communication, Lauren found out that she hated her specialisation and the whole school. She felt like she was creatively drowning and that she couldn't focus on anything she cared about. To fight this feeling and regain some motivation to keep studying, Lauren began researching how to create a website, so she could get creative again. She finally created her own personal blog, where she wrote about her school struggles. She attracted some readers who expressed that they loved her DIY content, which included simple things like decorating a dorm room or changing school supplies.   

When did LaurDIY join YouTube?  

Once her blog became popular, Lauren's fans started asking her for more content. They wanted more detailed DIY tutorials and more stories from Lauren. She wanted to meet their requests but didn't know how until someone suggested that she could create a YouTube channel. Lauren thought about it and finally decided to create her own YouTube channel in 2011. She started filming and posting DIY videos without knowing how it was going to change her life. Luren got really lucky because one of her first videos went viral on Tumblr, which brought many people to her new YouTube channel. She didn't want to disappoint her new fanbase, so she tried even harder to post good videos.   

Running a DIY-only channel wasn't hard for Lauren since she has been near the topic her whole life. She has always been interested in and good at DIY crafts and projects. She once showed all of her parents' memories in the form of DIY projects that Lauren made for them. Once her YouTube channel grew larger, Lauren stopped posting on a blog and shifted towards YouTube, where she had a community. At first, she posted mainly DIY videos without revealing any information about herself. But lately, Lauren realised that people actually cared about the person behind the camera: specifically about her. Since that time, she started posting more glimpses into her personal life, which is what made her the DIY queen of YouTube.   

Does LaurDIY produce music?   

When new people find Lauren's YouTube channel, they might get confused at first. Her two most popular videos aren't DIY tutorials but music videos. At one point in her YouTube career, Lauren decided to step out of her comfort zone and participate in one of YouTube's new trends: writing and singing her own diss track. Lauren did it, and that's how her most viewed video was made. Her most popular video is Roast Yourself Rap Challenge, with over 15 million views. Since people really liked that and cheered on Lauren, she decided to try it one more time. But this time, she didn't roast herself, but quite the opposite. She wrote a song about herself being the DIY Queen of YouTube. The video is called DIY Queen – LaurDIY (Official Music Video) and has over 14 million views.   

Personal life of LaurDIY   

Lauren's first love was Sebastian Morris, whom she met in 2010. They stayed together until 2015, when they, unfortunately, broke up but stayed on good terms. Lauren and Sebastian stayed in contact as friends until 2020, when Sebastian tragically died. Lauren was devastated, and after some time, when she was grieving, she devoted an entire video to his memory. Said video is simply called Rest In Piece and involves Lauren talking about her dear friend.   

In 2015, Lauren started dating Alexander Burris, who later became known as Alex Wasabi on YouTube. People loved the couple and wished them good luck, but unfortunately, they broke up in 2018. Lauren stated that they had commitment issues throughout the whole relationship, which wasn't healthy because of that.   

Lauren's last and final love is her soulmate, Jeremy Lewis, who is a singer and an entrepreneur. She once stated that she and her assistant thought that he was gay when they met him in 2019. Once they fell in love, everything else fell into place. Jeremy often joins Lauren in her Wild 'Til 9 podcast and made an appearance in a few of her videos. In 2022, Lauren and Jeremy publicly announced that they got happily engaged.   

How much does LaurDIY earn? Net worth  

As of 2023, her net worth is estimated to be between 600 thousand and 3 million US dollars. Lauren makes most of her profit from YouTube advertisements, as well as her other social media. She often accepts brand sponsorships and deals, which make some of her earned money.   

Interesting facts about LaurDIY  

  • As of 2023, she is 29 years old.   
  • Her zodiac sign is Leo.  
  • Her height is 5'5" or 170 cm.   
  • Her weight is 55 kilograms or 121 lbs.   
  • She graduated with a Bachelor of Technology in graphic communications management from Ryerson University in Toronto.  
  • She created her DIY blog during her freshmen year of college.   
  • She announced her engagement with Jeremy Lewis in 2022.   
  • She has over 8,41 million subscribers on her YouTube channel.   
  • Her most popular video is Roast Yourself Rap Challenge, with over 15 million views.  
  • As of 2023, her net worth is estimated to be between 600 thousand and 3 million US dollars.