Who is Mizzy?

Mizzy is a British prankster and influencer who is active on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and other social platforms. His real name is Bacari-Bronze O'Garro, and he was born on 20th October 2004 in Homerton, London. He is known for posting various pranks and challenges on his social media.   

Early life of Mizzy  

Mizzy was born at Homerton University Hospital and later grew up in the Stoke Newington area of London. Throughout his life, he lived in multiple areas, including Dartford, Kent and Hackney, London. Growing up, he always had close relations with his two half-sisters. They liked to play with him and spend time together, and on top of that, they served as Mizzy's moral compass. Mizzy was always a troublemaker who had a hard time following rules. When he had a particular joke in mind, he didn't want to bother with following rules while performing it.   

Mizzy's journey into the realm of pranks began during his formative years. Growing up, Mizzy had a mischievous streak that often led to unexpected surprises and laughter-filled moments. Friends and family quickly realised that Mizzy had a talent for pulling elaborate pranks that left everyone in stitches. As time went on, Mizzy's pranks became more intricate, earning him a reputation as a master prankster.  

Is Mizzy a prankster or a criminal?  

For Mizzy, pranks are not simply about causing chaos or embarrassment. Instead, they view pranking as an art form—a way to create memorable experiences and forge deeper connections with others through shared laughter. Mizzy approaches each prank with meticulous planning, considering every detail to ensure maximum comedic effect while avoiding harm or hurt feelings. Mizzy's pranks range from small-scale shenanigans to larger-than-life spectacles that leave everyone in awe.   

One of his most legendary pranks involved transforming an entire office space into a whimsical wonderland overnight. From covering every surface in colourful sticky notes to filling the meeting rooms with balloons, the prank left coworkers amazed and laughing for days. Another classic Mizzy prank took place during a family gathering, where he orchestrated a "mysterious disappearance" of the main course right before dinner. The frantic search and subsequent reveal of the hidden food brought the family closer together. All these pranks seem to be innocent, and they were, but that was before Mizzy found YouTube.   

Education of Mizzy   

While Mizzy had a strong bond with his sisters, he didn't come from a stable family environment. He was raised by a single mother who didn't seem to care much about his future or about him at all. As it usually is, Mizzy began doing forbidden things just to get his mother's attention. And since he didn't get it, his rascals only escalated. While his mother signed him up for school, she didn't pay much attention to Mizzy's grades or behaviours on school grounds. Because of that, Mizzy was apparently kicked out of at least five different schools. One of the schools he attended was Urswick School, which he managed to graduate from. He even got accepted to Westminster Kingsway College, Victoria. To our knowledge, he never finished the school.   

Mizzy on social media  

Mizzy created a YouTube channel and a TikTok account, both for the purpose of posting pranks. On both his accounts, he became famous for pulling pranks in public and getting away with it. But soon, he got bored of the usual jokes and wanted to move his content to the next level. On top of that, Mizzy noticed that his illegal activities got the most likes. The more boundaries he pushed, the more likes and views he got. As he got more publicity and recognition, Mizzy became more confident and began filming pranks, which had nothing to do with innocent fun. At the end of his era, his pranks usually involved terrorising innocent bystanders while committing crimes.   

Mizzy trespassing   

Mizzy became infamous across social media in May 2023 when he posted a TikTok video of him entering strangers' houses that went viral on Twitter. In the video, Mizzy and a few of his friends walk into a stranger's house, calling out somebody's child's name. Mizzy and his friends then sit on their couch, which angers the house owner, and he kicks them out while his toddler watches the altercation. According to his lawyer, Lee Sergent, Mizzy apologised to the family. He said that his client was raised by a single parent and had a difficult upbringing. The house was a family residence with young children, and the footage shows the parents repeatedly asking Mizzy to leave. Because of this "prank", Mizzy got a community protection notice, which prohibited him from repeating criminal activity.   

Just a year later, Mizzy was fined 200 pounds plus costs because he admitted to breaching the protection notice. He was immediately issued with a two-year criminal order. Two days later, Mizzy was forced to appear at Thames Magistrate's Court, where he was accused of breaching his CPO three times. Mizzy pleaded not guilty to all of those charges and remained in custody. Four days after, he was granted bail on one condition. He had to stay at home with his mother and wait for the trial to begin.   

Mizzy asks people if they want to die  

In another prank, Mizzy and his friends walk up to random young women late at night and ask them if they want to die. He also began touching their hair inappropriately while calling it "nice and luscious". After the TikTok video of Mizzy walking into strangers' houses went viral, he became the centre of social media attention again when he filmed a "prank" where he attempted to jump over an Orthodox Jewish man. He also filmed himself saying "fucking Jews". In another video, Mizzy enters a library and announces to the cameraman that he is there to "rip up a book, any book" in front of people. Once he reaches the receptionist's desk, he opens the book and rips out the pages in front of her, causing her to exit the room and complain to someone else.  

Mizzy vs Piers Morgan   

Because of his behaviour which was shown in clips all over the internet, Mizzy was interviewed by Piers Morgan on his TV show. In the interview, Piers first showed some of Mizzy's pranks, which he didn't approve of. One of those clips involved Mizzy stealing someone's dog and running away with it. In another video, Mizzy and some of his friends terrorised bystanders by hijacking a city train, pushing buttons in the cabin and delaying the arrival.   

Piers was very upset about Mizzy's behaviour as he thought that it cast a bad light on other content creators who tried to be at least creative and not break any laws. He called Mizzy an idiot and a product of his own upbringing. While Piers was just stating facts, Mizzy accused him of bringing anti-black agenda to the media and being racist. He also said that he was peer-pressured into the viral prank and that he felt remorse for his actions, explaining that he apologised to the family the next day but chose not to broadcast his apology and turn it into content.   

Is Mizzy in jail?   

After everything Mizzy did, he is currently, as of 2023, waiting for his trial. His behaviour caused a new wave of people complaining about Youtubers and pranksters in general because they were afraid and angry. While some pranksters took their time thinking about light-hearted and funny pranks to pull on their pranks, there were also people like Mizzy. Mizzy is a frightening example of a bad prankster who uses his platform to terrorise people. Luckily, most people stopped supporting his behaviour as he continued terrorising and traumatising people. As of 2023, all of Mizzy's social media are banned for good, and he is forbidden to post any more content.   

Interesting facts about Mizzy  

  • As of 2023, he is 18 years old.   
  • His zodiac sign is Libra.  
  • His height is 5'10" or 174 cm.   
  • He grew up with a single mother and two half-sisters.   
  • He was kicked out of at least five schools.   
  • He managed to graduate from Urswick School.   
  • He also attended Westminster Kingsway College, Victoria, but never finished his education.   
  • He was known on YouTube and TikTok for pulling pranks on people.   
  • Most of his pranks involved terrorising innocent bystanders.   
  • One of the worst "pranks" he filmed included stealing an elderly woman's dog and trespassing into a stranger's home.   
  • Mizzy got a community protection notice, which prohibited him from repeating a criminal activity.  
  • He was fined 200 pounds plus costs because he admitted to breaching the protection notice.  
  • He was issued with a criminal order.  
  • As of 2023, he is at home prison, waiting for a verdict from a court for breaching his condition.   
  • He is banned on all of his social media accounts.