What is PrankCity?

PrankCity is a prank and challenges-oriented channel based in the United States. It doesn’t share much inside information, but it seems to be controlled by Yes Funny Yes company. Most of their social media accounts were created in 2012. As of 2023, the YouTube channel has already collected over 250 million views in total.   

PrankCity on YouTube  

The PrankCity YouTube channel was created in 2012 for the purpose of filming funny videos. The whole idea was to entertain people and make them laugh. Unfortunately, the initial concept wasn’t very popular, and the channel usually got a few hundred views on each video at max. To attract more viewers, PrankCity producers changed the theme several times before succeeding. While other channels profited from filming pranks between friends, PrankCity producers were looking for something more straightforward. Eventually, they settled on tricks for kids, which were spiced up with some more innovative videos

Does PrankCity provide sexual content?   

While their videos are all innocently labelled as pranks and challenges, it seems like something entirely different. Apart from slightly disgusting fart pranks, PrankCity’s most popular videos are themed differently. Most of their prank content is filmed with young attractive girls and women participating in various challenges. Targeted females are usually scantily clad, with revealing clothes or just swimsuits. While most of the videos are based on some simple prank idea, the producers are very aware of what they are filming.   

Their most popular video is Spiderman vs Captain America battle / Superheroes IRL (spider girl), with over 119 million views. At first sight, everything seems to be normal: the title promises a superhero battle, which is a popular theme amongst kids on YouTube. But once the video starts, it becomes clear that the video offers sexual content, only disguised as a kids’ prank video. The “superheroes” are fighting on a bed, while the male hero chokes and beats the female in a very concerning way. It becomes even more concerning when one takes a look and comments. The hidden sexual content is targeted at kids and young teens who are looking for sexual content on the internet. Since ParnkCity’s content is so easily accessible, it almost only attracts young teen boys, who make up the majority of the channel’s viewers.   

Cheating girlfriend prank   

Even though the superhero video has by far the most views, it seems to be the only video with this topic. While this information isn’t confirmed, it suggests that other similar videos have been taken down for violating guidelines. To keep their young viewers entertained, PrankCity had to come up with another idea. Their other popular videos are less sexual but also less pretended. PrankCity has posted several videos called “Cheating Girlfriend Prank” or “Kissing Girls Prank”. All of these videos usually contain provocative and sexualised content, with young teen girls in the main role. Most of the videos end up with kissing couples of young people touching each other’s body parts as a part of a challenge.   

PrankCity – Prank Compilations  

While hidden sexualised content might have worked a few years back, it became harder to get away with. To stay relevant but avoid violating YouTube guidelines, PrankCity had to come up with another idea. They tried a few other themes before sticking to pranks for kids. Most of these videos show farting pranks, which disgust passers-by but entertain young kids, mostly boys. Very popular became Prank Compilations, which usually showed several funny clips in one video. It is easy content to create but a lot less problematic than their last idea.   

Who owns PrankCity?   

While it might seem like an idea of one bored teen, PrankCity seems to be operated by a whole company. When clicking on their Facebook link, the person finds an account belonging to Yes Funny Yes, which is an entertainment company. Yes Funny Yes seems to own a few YouTube channels as well as websites and other social media accounts. While on their main channel, they offer innocent pranks of passers-by, they keep the questionable content on the PrankCity domain.   

How much does PrankCity earn? Net worth  

As of 2023, their net worth is estimated to be over 500 thousand US dollars. As far as we know, most of their income comes from views on their YouTube videos. PrankCity also owns and operates a website, which may offer some paid services.  

Interesting facts about PrankCity   

  • The YouTube channel was created in 2012.   
  • Since then, it has collected over 250 million views in total.   
  • They have over 1,5 million subscribers on their YouTube channel.   
  • Their most popular video is Spiderman vs Captain America battle / Superheroes IRL (spider girl), with over 119 million views.  
  • Their videos are usually targeted at young teen attractive girls.   
  • As of 2023, their net worth is estimated to be over 500 thousand US dollars