DM Pranks

What are DM Pranks?

DM Pranks is an entertainment channel which is active on YouTube, TikTok and other social platforms. It was created in 2013, and it is based in Italy. The channel is operated and owned by an anonymous creator or a group. As of 2023, the channel has already collected over 230 million views in total.   

DM Pranks: Killer Clowns   

While nowadays they are known by a much shorter title, the creators used to present themselves under the title DM Pranks: Killer Clowns. While shorter titles are proved to be more catchy and easier to remember, in this case, it might not be the best chance. While still operating under the previous title, new viewers were at least prepared for what content they were about to watch. In a world of prank videos created to make people laugh, DM Pranks stands out as a channel that delves into the realm of fear and suspense. With their spine-chilling clown pranks, DM Pranks has captured the attention of millions around the world. The world of DM Pranks delivers its unique approach, the impact of its videos, and the controversial form of entertainment.  

DM Pranks on YouTube  

DM Pranks is an online prank channel that gained widespread recognition for its terrifying clown-themed pranks. The team behind DM Pranks specialises in creating realistic and chilling scenarios featuring actors dressed as scary clowns. These pranks are often performed in public places, targeting unsuspecting individuals and capturing their genuine fear and reactions on camera.  

The allure of DM Pranks lies in its ability to tap into primal fears and evoke a visceral response from viewers. Fear is a powerful emotion, and the channel has found a way to exploit it in a controlled and staged manner. By creating unsettling situations and capturing the genuine terror of those involved, DM Pranks elicits a strong emotional response from both participants and viewers.  

DM Pranks – Popular videos   

DM Pranks has produced several popular and chilling videos that have garnered millions of views and captivated audiences with their terrifying clown-themed pranks. Unfortunately, these prank videos are no longer available on YouTube, at least not all of them. But we were able to find some of these older videos as reposts on another channel. Before running into troubles with YouTube, DM Pranks' most popular video was Killer Clown Returns Scare Prank!. In this video, DM Pranks features a menacing clown who terrorises unsuspecting victims in various settings. The clown's appearances are sudden and calculated, creating a sense of fear and panic among those caught in the prank.  

Once we dug deeper, we realised that most of the channel's most popular videos are unfortunately gone. These videos were all t from the same series, The Killer Clowns, which also explains the change of title. Nowadays, the channel shows only a fraction of its original collection. Their most popular video is Devil's Daughter Horror Short Film, with over 38 million views. As the title suggests, this video contains terrifying footage, but probably still tolerable by YouTube Guidelines.   

Controversy of DM Pranks  

The use of fear and suspense as entertainment has its fair share of controversy. Critics argue that DM Pranks and similar channels may cross ethical boundaries by intentionally causing distress and anxiety in unsuspecting individuals. There are concerns about the potential psychological impact on both the participants and viewers, who may experience heightened levels of fear, stress, or even trauma. In response to these concerns, DM Pranks has stated that they take careful precautions to ensure the well-being and safety of their participants. They claim to obtain consent from those involved in their pranks and offer support and debriefing afterwards.  

However, while DM Pranks felt like they had done everything to avoid making problems, some other parties didn't feel the same way. Unfortunately, one of those parties was YouTube itself. YouTube felt that DM Pranks' videos are violating their policy with brutal and sensitive footage.   

What happened to DM Pranks?   

DM Pranks' videos were getting reported and taken down so many times that they had to take action. While arguing with YouTube didn't lead anywhere, they took a long break to figure things out. Eventually, they posted a video in 2020, where they announced their transport to Snapchat. Even though it was hardly an easy decision, it was the only way to keep bringing content to their loyal audience. To not abandon their YouTube channel completely, DM Pranks began posting different types of videos, usually social experiments, which are still popular on YouTube prank channels.   

Since the creators behind DM Pranks don't completely agree with YouTube's policy, they still post one or two scary videos every few weeks to test the water. If it goes well, they might eventually come back to YouTube, where they will be greatly missed by millions of their fans. After all, DM Pranks inspired several smaller creators to film scary, unexpected content. They single-handedly began a new era of pranks on social media.   

How much do DM Pranks earn? Net Worth  

As of 2023, their net worth is estimated to be over 400 thousand US dollars. Their earnings used to be much bigger, but this amount fits their activity for the last few years. They continue to make smaller amounts of money through their YouTube channel, as their fans never abandoned them and keep watching their videos.   

Interesting facts about DM Pranks  

  • The channel was created in 2013.   
  • As of 2023, the channel has already collected over 230 million views in total.  
  • The owner of the channel is Matteo Moroni from Italy.   
  • Besides Matteo, there are other members of the squad.   
  • They got famous for their terrifying prank videos with killer clowns.   
  • The most popular video used to be Killer Clown Returns Scare Prank! Before it got taken down.   
  • They were originally called DM Pranks Killer Clowns.   
  • Their most popular video is Devil's Daughter Horror Short Film, with over 38 million views.  
  • They had to delete most of their videos due to YouTube policy.   
  • They moved their content to Snapchat, where it got approved.   
  • They have over 4,7 million subscribers on YouTube.   
  • As of 2023, their net worth is estimated to be over 400 thousand US dollars