Beauty Compilation

What is Beauty Compilation?

Beauty Compilation is a DIY YouTube channel which offers mostly makeup-themed content. It was created in 2016 and, since then, has collected hundreds of thousands of subscribers and over 1 million views in total.  

Why are beauty compilations popular?  

Beauty Compilation is a YouTube channel which collects attractive makeup and fashion-related ideas. It is known for its makeup tutorials and makeup compilations taken from other artists’ profiles. But don’t be mistaken: the owner makes sure to give credit to most artists included. These compilation channels are popular because they create a great environment for collecting ideas and getting inspiration. Not everyone has the time to watch several makeup tutorials to find one they like and would like to try. The Beauty Compilation channel has many of these tutorials stored in one place, which makes it easier to pick one.  

Beauty Compilation YouTube channel 

This channel is mostly focused on lipstick tutorials, which undeniably make a great thumbnail. Their main page is decorated with several beautiful and colourful lip colours, luring in new viewers. Some videos include only one tutorial from one artist, usually taken from their Instagram. Other videos are compilations of many different tutorials, usually from the same year. Through this, the channel collects the best ideas from a single year and shows them in one place. Their most popular video is Lipstick Tutorials For 2022 / New Amazing Lip Art Ideas, with over 2,1 million views.  

Do Beauty Compilations steal content?  

Why is it that the original artists aren’t mad that the owner makes a profit out of them? It might seem infuriating, knowing that someone else is sharing your videos on their channel. To be clear, we don’t know if the owner asks those artists for permission to upload their work. But if we take a look at some of the quoted artists, they don’t have that big of an audience, but they certainly have talent. Beauty Compilation borrowing their content might actually be a good thing for them since there’s a better chance of people seeing it and finding their account.  

To avoid any legal problems, Beauty Compilations makes sure to quote and give credit to most shown artists. Another problem might be caused by the original sound, but the owner has it covered as well. Over every video, there is typical background music playing. That solves the main issue because this music can be purchased for little to no money, so it doesn’t affect the owner’s profit as much.   

Interesting facts about Beauty Compilation 

  • The channel was created in 2016.  
  • It serves as a storage for makeup tutorials from different artists.  
  • As of 2023, there are over 144 thousand subscribers on that YouTube channel.  
  • Their most popular video is Lipstick Tutorials For 2022 / New Amazing Lip Art Ideas, with over 2,1 million views
  • The channel has over 1 million views in total.