Glue Guns & Roses

Who is Glue Guns & Roses?

Glue Guns & Roses is a DIY YouTube channel owned and operated by Megan. It was created in 2012 and is active on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. Megan is considered to be an expert on cheap DIY hacks.  

Dollar Tree expert 

Megan created her channel to inspire other people to make their own decorations and stuff instead of buying it. Meghan has always been used to shopping for supplies at Dollar Tree because it was the cheapest and easiest way for her. She didn’t realise that shopping at Dollar Tree might get challenging and overwhelming for some people until she started posting on YouTube. She learned through her audience that Dollar Tree isn’t the greatest store until you know what exactly you’re looking for or if you know the store from memory. Since Megan has been shopping there for a long time, she decided to create a list of recommendations for people to not get lost.  

The video is called Professional Dollar Tree Shopper shares 30 shopping hacks & hidden gems at Dollar Tree! Save $$$ and has over 500 thousand views. One piece of advice is to always check the party section because it hides things of great value. For example, the party section’s catering trays can be used as bathroom organisers but for a much lower price. Megan’s other advice includes shopping time because, apparently, it changes the conditions. For example, shopping in spring is ideal for home decorations because there are many colours to choose from. When it comes to the best shopping days, Megan recommends Wednesdays and Thursdays since those are the usual delivery days.  

High-End Looking $1 DIYs  

What does Megan do with all those cheap items from Dollar Tree? The answer is simple. Since she is the queen of DIY, Megan does her best to transform said items into expensive-looking staff. Her most popular video is 20 High-End Dollar Tree DIY Room Décor Ideas To Try, with over 4 million views. For example, Megan often does wall art and paintings using only cheap items. As unexpected as it might be, her creations actually do look expensive and pretty enough to put on display.  

Even though she does love shopping at Dollar Tree, Megan has more things to show. She really enjoys doing different DIY projects and crafts. One of her series is dedicated to DIY Fall Decorations on a budget. These decorations are so well-made that they look almost as good as store-bought. When you love crafting, sooner or later, you’re going to run into organisation issues. Fortunately, Megan has a trick for that too. One of her series shows different ways to organise your house or apartment. These hacks come in handy if you love collecting things or if you live in a smaller home.  

How much does Megan earn? Net worth 

As of 2023, her net worth is estimated to be over 214 thousand US dollars.  

Interesting facts about Glue Guns & Roses 

  • The channel was created in 2013.  
  • It is owned and operated by Megan.  
  • Megan is an expert on Dollar Tree, which make a significant part of her content.  
  • She has over 560 thousand subscribers on her YouTube channel.  
  • Her most popular video is 20 High-End Dollar Tree DIY Room Décor Ideas To Try, with over 4 million views. 
  • As of 2023, her net worth is estimated to be over 214 thousand US dollars.