Hetal’s Art

What is Hetal's Art?

Hetal’s Art is a DIY YouTube channel based in India, owned by Hetal and managed by Happy Home Digital Media. It is also active on Facebook, TikTok and Instagram. The channel was created in 2011. It contains DIY content of all kinds.

Who owns Hetal’s Art?

Hetal’s Art is the biggest and most popular DIY/Craft channel in India. So far, it has collected almost 7 million subscribers and still counting. But why is it so popular? The channel is obviously managed by more people who like to turn their resources into homemade art and supplies. They go by the saying, “Time is money”, at least when it comes to managing their social media and internet platforms. The channel’s bio is the same on all their platforms, including the main web and an internet shop. Their bio states that they create amazing DIY and Craft home decorations and ideas. They are trying to not create much unnecessary waste when crafting.

Hetal’s Art on Instagram

When it comes to Instagram, their account is managed by Happy Home Digital Media, which is a company focused on social media marketing. Since Hetal’s Art YouTube channel is profitable enough, they can afford their Instagram page to be less managed. Happy Home Digital Media controls its page by uploading posts, posting stories and upgrading highlights. Because of that, their Instagram posts contain especially cut-outs of their YouTube videos. Some posts include photos of a young woman, who is most probably Hetal herself. Their highlights are there only to celebrate or remind of their growing fanbase. There are pictures celebrating milestones considering YouTube subscribers.

Hetal’s Art Jewellery

When it comes to their actual content, Hetal’s Art offers ideas for everything from garden chairs to makeup tables. Since a lot of women search for homemade jewellery, Hetal’s Art targets this audience group and offers endless possibilities. One of their series is focused on jewellery in general, making videos on rings, earrings and special Indian jewellery. Their preview pictures contain collages of finished jewellery, so fans can easily see what to expect. Every video usually contains 10-20 different ideas, but sometimes they go crazy and add about a hundred of them. Although they manage one series dedicated to jewellery, Hetal’s Art noticed that two types of them usually have the most views. They took it into consideration and created two separate series solely for earrings and necklaces. It may seem unnecessary, but since every video in those series has over 1 million views, they probably know what they’re doing.

Hetal’s Art Life Hacks

If there is something that can be found on every DIY channel, it is life hacks. They’re easy to think of and even easier to create. When it comes to Hetal’s Art, they have hacks for everything. To name a few, there are hacks for the kitchen, for makeup, for cleaning and for fashion. The most popular ones are focused on the kitchen because a lot of people search for ideas on how to make cooking easier. Hetal’s art usually posts 20+ hacks at once, always collecting millions of views. One part of their channel is mostly focused on the western side of the world, and it offers ideas for wall hangings. Wall hangings and decorations in general aren’t that popular in European countries, but almost every Indian household has one. Their most popular video is Wow!! DIY Paper Wall Hanging!! Paper Craft!!, with over 20 million views.

Extreme Room Makeovers

There is one type of video that collects over 10 million views almost every time: Room Makeovers. While it might seem shocking because room decorations are a common theme, Hetal’s Art came with something new. Their room makeovers are nowhere near basic or boring. They are able to change every room to unrecognizable, usually shining with colours and lights. Considering this series, people don’t watch it to recreate it. They watch it because of its beauty and creativity.

How much does Hetal’s Art earn? Net Worth

As of 2023, Hetal’s Art net worth is estimated to be almost 4 million US dollars. Their earnings come solely from their YouTube videos, which collect over 16 million views every month. With viewership this big, only the ad profits make a lot of money.

Interesting facts about Hetal’s Art

  • It is the most popular DIY/Craft channel in India.
  • It was created in 2011.
  • It is owned by a woman named Hetal but managed by more people.
  • They have over 6,8 million subscribers on YouTube.
  • Their Instagram account is managed by Happy Home Digital Media.
  • Their most popular video is Wow!! DIY Paper Wall Hanging!! Paper Craft!!, with over 20 million views.
  • As of 2023, their net worth is estimated to be almost 4 million US dollars.