Liz Fenwick DIY

Who is Liz Fenwick?

Liz Fenwick is an American DIY influencer who is active on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and other social platforms. She was born in Lees Summit, Missouri, United States. She is known for posting DIY hacks on her social media.   

Liz Fenwick before fame   

Liz grew up as an extroverted child who liked to talk to others, play with them and talk. She was smart as well and enjoyed educating others from a young age. Because of her interest in education, she decided to pursue a career in that field. Liz chose wisely and picked the perfect school, which allowed her to attend as many courses as possible. Once she graduated with a degree in education, Liz went looking for a job in the field. Soon enough, she found an opening position as a kindergarten teacher which she decided to take. Liz found out that she loved working with kids, helping to raise them, educate them and prepare them for school. She kept teaching kids for 7 years before he got pregnant and went on maternity leave

Liz Fenwick working from home  

Liz loved teaching kids but decided to quit her kindergarten job once she got pregnant. She gave birth to her daughter, Anabelle, and didn’t want to leave her. Liz planned on giving birth and becoming a stay-at-home mom to be present while her daughter grew. But soon enough, she realised that she needed to work. Not only she needed extra cash, but she was losing her mind while sitting at home. To keep herself busy, Liz started researching ways to work from home but couldn’t find any willing employers. Luckily, Liz knew to be creative, so she created an Etsy shop where she sold things.   

Career of Liz Fenwick   

On her Etsy shop, Liz sold mostly headbands, bracelets and other accessories. Once she noticed that people liked her stuff, she moved to sell wedding garters, which made her successful on Etsy. On the other hand, selling wedding garters on Etsy took away a lot of Liz’s time, which she couldn’t afford with a little baby at home. Since she couldn’t stay still, Liz got into photography at the same time. Since she is such a creative soul, she gave it her best and soon became a professional photographer. Liz ran her photography business for three years, during which she managed to take beautiful photos of her kids, which made it all worth it. After some time, Liz decided to close her shop on Etsy and open a new one at Amazon.   

Liz Fenwick on Amazon   

On Amazon, Liz sold her own fashion line, targeted at little girls. She learned how to sew small dresses from all kinds of fabric and turn them into birthday clothes. Her line contained pink birthday dresses and skirts for 1- and 2-years old girls. Even though she had many followers and buyers on Etsy, shipping was too time-consuming there. Once Liz switched to Amazon, she made the same amount of money but with less effort because Amazon took care of shipping and payment better.   

Liz Fenwick on YouTube   

Before she even thought about DIY, Liz created a YouTube channel in 2017. On that channel, she taught others how to braid hair and create different hairstyles. Her previous YouTube channel was mainly for fun, without the thought of a real profit. Liz used her daughter and her friends as hair models for her videos, which allowed them to spend some quality time together. Liz stopped posting on that channel after a few months, but ultimately, it was a good experience. This experience allowed Liz to learn more about how YouTube works and how to trick the algorithm.   

Liz Fenwick DIY   

After graduating from college, Liz found a small apartment which she could afford. It provided everything that she needed except for decorations. Since she didn’t make a lot of money as a kindergarten teacher, Liz decided to decorate the whole apartment by herself. Liz acknowledged her tight budget but wasn’t willing to let that stop her. She researched home-décor stores in her free time and built her inspiration there. Then she went to the dollar store, bought some essentials and made the finished products all by herself. Even though it started as a means to an end, Liz realised that she was having much fun while making decorations.   

Is Liz Fenwick popular on YouTube?   

Since she had experience with running a YouTube channel, creating a second one wasn’t even a slight problem. Liz decided to take a risk and create a DIY YouTube channel to find other creative souls who would like to learn from her. After all, she was a teacher at heart, and she missed teaching others, even about DIY crafts. Liz created her “Liz Fenwick DIY” YouTube channel in 2018, which became quickly popular. People loved Liz’s relatable videos and the fact that she used mainly cheap tools. Her most popular series are the ones using Dollar Tree products and those dedicated to home décor. Her most popular video is 50 Home Hacks that Actually Work!!!, with over 1,7 million views.   

How much does Liz Fenwick earn? Net Worth  

As of 2023, her net worth is estimated to be over 400 thousand US dollars. Liz managed to turn YouTube into her main source of income. Her Amazon shop is still active but provides only additional cash. Even though she has more money than before, Liz still uses cheap produce to make her creations.  

Interesting facts about Liz Fenwick  

  • She has a husband and two kids.   
  • She used to be a kindergarten teacher for 7 years.   
  • She used to sell her crafts on Etsy before switching to Amazon.   
  • She used to have a different YouTube channel in 2017 dedicated to hairstyles.   
  • She runs two YouTube channels: Liz Fenwick DIY and Liz Fenwick Daily.   
  • She has over 755 thousand subscribers on her YouTube channel.   
  • Her most popular video is 50 Home Hacks that Actually Work!!!, with over 1,7 million views.  
  • As of 2023, her net worth is estimated to be over 400 thousand US dollars.