Made Everyday

What is Made Everyday?

Made Everyday is a DIY channel owned and operated by Dana Willard, which is active on YouTube, Instagram and other social platforms. The YouTube channel was created in 2013, originally under the name Made Everyday with Dana.  

Who owns the Made Everyday channel?  

The Made Everyday YouTube channel is owned by Dana Willard, who is a working woman, a wife and a mother of three. She lives in Austin, Texas, alongside her husband, Casey and their three children. While it might seem that with all of those responsibilities, she would love to just sit down and relax, Dana loves to take her needles and start sewing. Even though she had a career of her own, Dana got so wrapped up in creative sewing that she became really good at it. Once she started to gift her friends with handmade gifts, they began complimenting her and recommending that she would share her knowledge.  

Dana took the advice to heart, and once she felt ready and comfortable, she created her YouTube channel, Made Everyday, in 2013. In the beginning, it was all about sewing and picking the right colours, but Dana eventually brought new content. She started to get curious about DIY projects because they seemed like a lot of fun for not much money.  

Career of Dana from Made Everyday 

Since she started to share her sewing ideas with the internet, Dana got even more interested in the topic. She couldn’t believe what she could achieve just with some fabric and a needle. But once she learned new techniques and stitches, Dana became bored with the fabric itself. It wasn’t nearly as colourful and playful as it could be, which made Dana think deeply. She started to look into making the fabric itself and learning it at the same time. Not long after that, Dana received an offer from Figo Fabrics to start working for them. She accepted and became a fabric designer for them. Something that started as a simple hobby brought Dana a stable income and a new job as well.  

Learn to Sew! 

When it comes to Dana’s YouTube channel, Made Everyday, it all starts with sewing. Dana began posting sewing videos in 2013, and some of those remain the most popular videos on her platform. One of her most popular videos, called “Sew a Pillow 2 Ways: Envelope Pillow + Basic Throw Pillow”, was posted in 2014, and today it counts over 1,8 million views. In her sewing videos, Dana goes through the basics to make sure that everyone, including beginners, can try and participate. She knows how hard it is to find a few minutes in a busy day to participate in hobbies, so she tries to make it as easy as possible for her audience.  

Made Everyday with Dana 

Why is it even called “Made Everyday”? The explanation is quite simple. While other DIY channels try and create every possible creation, even though it might be pointless to some, Dana cares about the items she uses every day. She tries to create objects and things which she and her family use every day and love. So instead of sewing a high-fashion coat which lasts one season, Dana shows her audience how to make a pillowcase or a pair of leggings. Her most popular video is How to make a Lampshade, Lanterns, and Yarn Globes, with over 8 million views.  

DIY for babies 

Since she is a mother herself, Dana knows how expensive it can get to buy everything for a baby. To help other creative mums out, she created a series called Babies + Kids, where she shares how to make some gadgets and items yourself. For example, changing pad covers and burp cloths can get quite expensive, but they are easy to make at home, even by beginners. Speaking of kids: How expensive it is to throw your kid a birthday party. Luckily, Dana has a solution for that too. Her other series is dedicated to crafts specifically made for decorations and parties. Before you know it, Dana will teach you how to make pom poms from yarn and tie the perfect bow every time.  

The net worth of Made Everyday  

As of 2023, their net worth is estimated to be over 23 thousand US dollars. But besides YouTube, Dana has other sources of income. The first one is her being a part-time fabric designer for Figo Fabrics. And the second is her internet page, where she sells handmade clothes and colourful quilts for reasonable prices.  

Interesting facts about Made Everyday 

  • As of 2023, it has over 800 thousand subscribers on YouTube.  
  • The channel is owned and operated by Dana Willard.  
  • Dana started sewing as a hobby which later became her main source of income.  
  • She is a part-time fabric designer for Figo Fabrics.  
  • She is a working wife and a mother of three kids.  
  • Her most popular video is How to make a Lampshade, Lanterns, and Yarn Globes, with over 8 million views
  • As of 2023, their net worth is estimated to be over 23 thousand US dollars