Who is Maqaroon?

Maqaroon is a DIY page owned and operated by Joanna Zhou. She was born on 7th November 1984 in Beijing, China. She is active on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and other social platforms, counting millions of viewers on all. She is known for posting DIY and craft content on her social media.  

Early life of Joanna Zhou 

Joanna's adventure started the day she was born because she came to this world with the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck. The doctors worried that she developed brain damage due to lack of oxygen, but luckily, that wasn't the case. Joanna's father worked as an English teacher, which led him to travel to Switzerland and Austria. Since China had strong travel regulations back then, Joanna joined him two years later, alongside her mum. Joanna developed her unique accent when she was just 4 years old. Since she moved to a German-speaking country alongside an English teacher, she had to learn two languages at the same time.  

Even though she grew up as an only child, Joanna never regretted it. She was an introvert anyway, so she enjoyed spending her time reading, crafting or drawing. She might have inherited the passion for crafting from her mum, who used to make Joanna small toys. Since they started a whole new life in Austria, Joanna's family only had a little money at first. That's why her mum's hobby came in handy she could make DIY clothes and toys, which were much cheaper that way.  

Education of Joanna Zhou 

Once she grew out of kindergarten, Joanna enrolled at Vienna international school, where she stayed for 13 years. Joanna enjoyed her time there to the fullest by participating in the school's events. She became the editor of her class's yearbook and later even the school magazine. Once she grew older, Joanna became obsessed with Japanese pop culture, whether it was anime, manga or video games. Since she liked to draw, she started drawing fan art with her favourite video game characters and became really good at it. Since she didn't want to abandon her passion, Joanna decided to study graphic design and went to England because of it. She studied at Central Saint Martin's school in London, and since it was her first time being away from her family, she felt homesick at first.  

Since she was good at drawing, Joanna assumed that studying graphic design would be relatively easy. But she learned quickly that talent and technical skill weren't going to cut it. She had to learn how to make connections which other people didn't see in order to stand a chance in the graphic design field. After graduating successfully, Joanna attended the Chelsea College of Arts, where she would continue her studies. She later graduated with a bachelor's degree in graphic design. By that time, Joanna had already started selling her own comic books at conventions and expos.  

Career of Joanna Zhou  

Even though she enjoyed her time in London and met many new friends, Joanna decided to move back to Austria after graduation. While she might have better job opportunities in London, it just became too expensive for a freshly graduated college student. When she came back, Joanna started working as a designer for magazines or a designer of toys and clothes. Her other job included designing web pages and sometimes creating artwork for online games.  

Is Joanna Zhou ill?  

Joanna started experiencing severe headaches when she was in college and didn't know what to do about it. She started taking supplements while visiting a few doctors, but she was still short on an answer. Most doctors told her that it was probably stress, so she convinced herself that that was the case. A few years later, she noticed that she was losing big chunks of hair, which rushed her to the hospital. There she underwent more tests and was informed that she had lupus. Luckily, once she started taking her medication, her symptoms dramatically improved. But due to the side effects of the medication, Joanna lost a lot of weight, and her hair grew back in a different way. Joanna didn't feel pretty, so she stayed at home most time, working on her hobbies.  

Maqaroon on YouTube 

Since Joanna was bored at home, she decided to join social media and share some of her work. Unsurprisingly, people fell in love with her cute creations and started following her. Joanna's YouTube channel was created in 2013, just a year after her Instagram. Joanna's talent for crafting has no boundaries: she can easily make DIY Sock Plushies, Clay toys, Needle Felt and slime. Her newest addition is kawaii cooking, where Joanna bakes and cooks meals, which looks extremely cute. Her most popular videos are those with DIY slime and clay hacks because they offer endless possibilities. Her most popular video is 20 Amazing DIY Slimes!!! Mixing Crazy Things Into Clear Slime / Water Slime! Satisfying Slime ASMR, with over 7,8 million views.  

While she was shy and secretive at first, Joanna grew alongside her followers, slowly becoming more confident. Although she doesn't show her face on YouTube, she's comfortable showing herself and her family on Instagram. Since her other pages went viral, Joanna decided to give it a try and joined TikTok. Since she shared several cute creations with happy, joyful music, Joanna collected millions of views in a short time. Nowadays, she has millions of subscribers on YouTube as well as on TikTok.  

How much does Joanna Zhou earn? Net worth 

As of 2023, her net worth is estimated to be 2,8 million US dollars. She makes the most money from YouTube ads and from all of her social media. A smaller portion of her income comes from her merchandise, which she sells on her website.  

Interesting facts about Joanna Zhou 

  • As of 2023, she is 38 years old.  
  • Her zodiac sign is Scorpio.  
  • She was born in China but lived most of her life in Austria.  
  • She studied at Vienna international school until she moved to London to study graphic design.  
  • She graduated with a bachelor's degree in Graphic Design from Chelsea College of Arts.  
  • She worked as a graphic designer and a manga director.  
  • She was diagnosed with lupus because of headaches and hair loss.  
  • She joined YouTube under the name Maqaroon in 2013 but didn't start posting until 2014.  
  • She has over 2,93 million subscribers on YouTube, with an additional 2,5 million followers on TikTok.  
  • Her most popular video is 20 Amazing DIY Slimes!!! Mixing Crazy Things Into Clear Slime / Water Slime! Satisfying Slime ASMR, with over 7,8 million views
  • As of 2023, her net worth is estimated to be 2,8 million US dollars
  • She has a husband and a young daughter.