Nichole Jacklyne

Who is Nichole Jacklyne?

Nichole Jacklyne is an American DIY influencer who is active on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and other social platforms. She was born on 23rd June 1996 in Whitehall, Michigan. She is known for posting slime and DIY content on her social media.  

Early life of Nichole Jacklyne  

Nichole grew up in the small town of Whitehall alongside her parents and two brothers. She was born as a natural extrovert, always singing, dancing and playing games with the other kids. Once her parents bought an old camera, Nichole realized that she loved talking in front of it, pretending to be on a TV. Her parents still have some old recordings of Nichole’s vlogs from the time when vlogging wasn’t even a thing yet. Because of that, no one raised an eye when Nichole created her self-titled YouTube channel in 2013 while she was still in high school.  

When did Nichole Jacklyne join YouTube?  

Even though she is known for slime videos today, Nichole began her YouTube journey with a beauty channel. Her first ever video was called Black Friday Haul 2013!!!, and it showed Nichole in her teenage years, simply enjoying gifts. Besides fashion, Nichole made videos about skincare, makeup and hair. Even though she liked all of those themes, Nichole was the most passionate about the filming process itself. She has enjoyed talking in front of a camera since she was a kid, and YouTube gave her the option of sharing her interest with the world. While she followed the beauty trends, she came across hacks and started filming DIY videos. Her most popular video is 13 Weird Life Hacks Everyone Needs To Know, with over 7,6 million views. Eventually, following trends brought Nichole slime, which stuck with her.  

Education and background of Nicole Jacklyne 

Since she wanted to earn some extra money while studying, Nichole found herself a summer job in 2010. Her extroverted personality came to use when she was hired as a game supervisor at Michigan’s Adventure, the largest theme park in Michigan. Since she was good at her job, her supervisor recommended her for the same job the next year. Eventually, Nichole worked at the park for six summers straight, from 2010 to 2016. Since she had big plans for the future, Nichole managed to work at the park, post videos and study at the same time. After finishing high school, she enrolled at Grand Valley State University. While she had a background in content creation and production, Nichole decided to study journalism. She successfully graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism.  

Nichole Jacklyne on YouTube  

When she graduated from University, Nichole realized that YouTube became an option for a full-time job. She decided to not attend her usual summer job and spend the time figuring out the future of her channel. In 2016, slime videos were a hit, and Nichole decided to give it a try. She found the formula for a basic slime and filmed a video making it. Not only she found that she enjoyed it, but also that her audience loved it. She kept filming slime-making videos and noticed that her channel gained over 200 thousand new subscribers in one month. Nichole decided to stick with it temporarily and started researching new ways of making slime. She eventually came up with her own formula, which her fans seemed to love. After a few videos showing her own slime formula, Nichole started getting requests from fans who wanted to buy it.  

Slime by Nichole Jacklyne 

Once the number of requests grew to a certain point, Nichole decided to take the jump and create her own business. Since she had a background in content creation and journalism but not in business, it took a lot of work. She wanted to turn to her family for advice but realized that most of them worked as nurses or police officers. But Nichole didn’t let it stop her and immediately began researching YouTube channels about starting a business. She watched a few videos, read some articles and eventually launched her own company in 2017. The company is called Slime by Nichole Jacklyne, and besides slime, it sells Nichole’s merchandise.  

Although it is a well-known business nowadays, Nichole had to work hard to get here. Even though it might seem that her YouTube channel was a pro, it turned out to be a con. She learned that most of the slime business owners only have an Instagram account where they promote their stuff. Nichole, with her DIY channel, was viewed as a content creator but not a businesswoman. She had to embrace her role and accept the fact that she became a business owner at 21 years old. It all began as a small business with little selling but eventually, Nicole had to move her shop into a small warehouse.  

Nichole Jacklyne’s slime business 

Once she became known, Nichole began getting a lot more orders, which meant bigger batches of slime. Nichole figured out that she could use it to entertain her fans, so she started a series called Restock With Me. In said series, Nichole keeps posting slime-making videos as usual, but with a twist: she’s making a lot bigger batches at once. As simple as it sounds, this content entertains many people who find the process very satisfying. The whole series is a win-win because it makes Nichole’s views and order numbers higher.  

How much does Nichole Jacklyne earn? Net worth 

As of 2023, Nichole’s net worth is estimated to be nearly 4 million US dollars. Besides her popular social media, Nichole makes the most profit out of her slime business. People love her products, and she keeps bringing new ideas to the table.  

Interesting facts about Nichole Jacklyne 

  • As of 2023, she is 27 years old. 
  • Her zodiac sign is Cancer. 
  • Her height is 6’ or 180 cm.  
  • Her weight is 60 kilograms or 125 lbs. 
  • She has a bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Grand Valley State University
  • She spent six summers in a row working as a games supervisor at Michigan’s Adventure theme park
  • She created her self-titled YouTube channel in 2013 while still in high school.  
  • She has over 1,7 million subscribers on her YouTube channel.  
  • Her most popular video is 13 Weird Life Hacks Everyone Needs To Know, with over 7,6 million views
  • She is an owner of a slime-selling company, Slime by Nichole Jacklyne.  
  • As of 2023, her net worth is estimated to be nearly 4 million US dollars