This Old House

What is This Old House?

This Old House is a DIY YouTube channel based on a home improvement media brand of the same name. The brand includes a TV show, a YouTube channel, a magazine and a website. The YouTube channel was created in 2006 to expand the brand's operations.  

History of This Old House  

The show started off as a one-time series on the WGBH TV channel. It counted exactly 13 episodes, and it was all about renovating old houses. Even though the company picked out the first two houses, it turned out that renovating viewers' houses would be much more interesting. So, they put up an offer and waited for some homeowners to reach out to them. Since the first few episodes got extremely popular, it didn't take long for different homeowners to reach out and create a long waiting list. At first, the homeowners paid for the renovation only by labour, as they were required to put their hands to work. Unfortunately, this caused a few disputes between the show hosts and the homeowners because they couldn't agree on the appropriate amount of work. This caused the show to start renovating much bigger and more expensive houses with the help of outside expert contractors. 

Kevin O'Connor  

Kevin has been the host of This Old House since 2003, and he became the face of the whole show. Nowadays, no one can imagine This Old House's cast without Kevin O'Connor in the middle. On top of that, Kevin became a part of the show in the most unexpected way possible. He made an appearance in Ask This Old House, which is a spinoff of the main show, as a homeowner who needed help with wallpaper removal. Since the episode with O'Connor became very popular, and he showed a talent for speaking in front of a camera, the producers decided to offer him a new job as a host of This Old House. Kevin made his premiere as a host on the first episode of the 25th season and, over the years, became a key person to the whole project. Since his first appearance, Kevin managed to become a host to Inside This Old House and Ask This Old House, which are sister series to This Old House. Kevin continued his journey by making the producing team of This Old House Magazine. In 2011, Kevin published his own book, which was also related to the series. It is called The Best Homes from This Old House.  

The best home renovation show  

Even though it all started with a deal for 13 episodes, This Old House quickly became one of the most popular shows on WGBH. People loved watching their creative ideas considering home decorations and craved more shocked reactions from the homeowners. This Old House took its place as a known comfort show for Americans and, lately, for Europeans as well. It all went so well that in 2019, This Old House celebrated its 40th season. To make those celebrations memorable, the producers reached out to some of the families from previous seasons, asking them to provide a house tour. Amongst other homes and families, one episode showed a house tour of a project house from 1979. It showed the first-ever renovation done by This Old House's cast.  

This Old House on YouTube 

This Old House remains one of the most popular family-friendly shows on WGBH TV station. It might seem a little too time-consuming to create other content just for a YouTube channel. But the producers don't hide the fact that the YouTube channel serves a purpose of an advertisement of some sort for the main show. This Old House YouTube channel offers its viewers cut-offs from This Old House and Ask these Old House episodes. It shows the greatest highlights from episodes, behind-the-scenes footage and edited DIY tutorials from Ask This Old House. Even though it doesn't offer any new content, its YouTube channel has become quite popular throughout the years. In 2020, the owners noticed that their channel was getting fewer views than before, so they decided to bring something new. Instead of just promoting their TV show and providing links to their website, they uploaded full episodes on YouTube. Since then, their channel has included full episodes of earlies seasons from This Old House and Ask This Old House.  

Speaking of the popularity of the channel, it had its peak in 2016, the same as the TV show. Many people saw the channel as a great opportunity to learn some new things considering home renovations. Because of that, This Old House's most popular videos include cut-out tutorials for house reparations and upgrades. Their most popular video is How to Cut and Shape Stones / Ask This Old House, with over 6,1 million views. All of the "How To" tutorial videos count millions of views, showing that people use the channel as a learning tool.  

Net Worth of This Old House  

As of 2023, This Old House's net worth is estimated to be over 800 thousand US dollars. But when we take a look at Kevin O'Connor alone, his net worth is estimated to be over 5 million US dollars. Most of his earnings come from his job as a host of This Old House and the other sister shows.  

Interesting facts about This Old House 

  • The show aired in 1979, with an initial deal for 13 episodes.  
  • It quickly became one of the signature comfort shows on American TV.  
  • The main face of the show is Kevin O'Conner, who has worked as a host since 2003.  
  • This Old House YouTube channel was created in 2006. 
  • It contains cut-offs of This Old House episodes and behind-the-scenes footage.  
  • It has over 1,94 million subscribers on YouTube.  
  • Their most popular video is How to Cut and Shape Stones / Ask This Old House, with over 6,1 million views. 
  • As of 2023, This Old House's net worth is estimated to be over 800 thousand US dollars. 
  • Kevin O'Conner's net worth is estimated to be over 5 million US dollars.