TingTing ASMR

Who is Tingting ASMR?

Tingting is a Chinese ASMRtist, most primarily for her ASMR YouTube videos. She is also active on Instagram and Facebook. Tingting was born on 1st December 1991 in Shanghai, China. At present, she lives in Los Angeles. Tingting didn’t share anything about her personal life, and it remains unknown.

In August 2017, Tingting started her ASMR career on YouTube. She wasn’t able to gain instant success. In addition, she had to face many obstacles because YouTube was banned in China. In 2018, China banned ASMR videos. The reason is pretty obvious. Most people watch ASMR content because of sexual arousal.

Her videos are focused on whispering and tapping videos in both English and Chinese language. Tingting also owns another YouTube Channel. But, she never talks about ASMR on the channel. Her second YouTube channel is named Ting Tingles ASMR.

Interesting facts about Tingting ASMR

  • Tingting’s zodiac sign is Sagittarius.
  • Her height is 5’4” or 163 centimetres.
  • She weighs 44 kilograms or 97 lbs.
  • As of 2022, Tingting is 30 years old.