Who is Maya_ASMR?

Maya_ASMR is a Portugal Twitch streamer, YouTuber and internet celebrity. However, her content is in English. She is primarily known for her live ASMR streams on Twitch. Maya_ASMR currently lives in the United Kingdom with her boyfriend and three cats.

Maya_ASMR announces her streams on Twitter, where she is highly active and even posts pictures from her everyday life. She even Tweets multiple times per week, often advertises her new merch and expresses opinions on the latest topics. Maya_ASMR streams three times per week on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and primarily performs ASMR and Just Chatting content where she interacts with her chat. Maya_ASMR doesn’t use ear-shaped microphones and uses regular microphones instead. Maya_ASMR performs various tingles, triggers, sounds and feelings that help people relax their minds, body and soul. In addition, Maya_ASMR plays various popular video games such as Marbles On Stream and The Sims 4.

Maya_ASMR is also highly popular on Instagram. She often posts attractive photos and shares pictures from her everyday life, travelling and food. Maya_ASMR has two different YouTube channels. The first one, more popular, is for her Portugal fans, and Maya_ASMR creates ASMR videos in Portuguese. The second one is for posting ASMR videos in English. Maya_ASMR recently started her TikTok channel, where she advertises her own merch and posts short ASMR clips. She has her own merchandise page where she sells personalized clothing for her fans. Maya_ASMR re-posts the most successful photos on her Facebook page. You can support Maya_ASMR on her Ko-Fi and Patreon page for exclusive photos and videos. These sites also include Discord community benefits and behind-the-scenes photos and photoshoots.

Interesting facts about Maya_ASMR

  • Her height is 5’4” or 162 centimetres.
  • She weighs 53 kilograms or 116 lbs.
  • Her real name is Maya.
  • Maya was born and raised in Portugal but currently lives in the UK.
  • She lives with her boyfriend.
  • Maya has three cats, Yumi, Sushi & Zoe, and a Bearded Dragon, Mushu.
  • Maya_ASMR plays various popular video games such as Marbles On Stream and The Sims 4.
  • Her more popular YouTube channel is for her Portugal fans, and Maya_ASMR creates ASMR videos in Portuguese.
  • Maya_ASMR recently started her TikTok channel.