Who is SunsetGaiaASMR?

SunsetGaia is most of all an ASMRtist. She is active all over the social media world, including YouTube, Instagram and primarily Twitch.

Her real name is Gabriela Neves Correia. According to her information, Gabriela was born in 1994 in Brazil. SunsetGaia shared she likes to be called Gabi, Bibs and Gabs. She also speaks Portuguese and English. Her favourite music is Post-hardcore/ Progressive, Djent, Metalcore, Hardcore and variants.

SunsetGaia streams on her Twitch every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. She mainly streams ASMR content, primarily including ear licks. In addition, she sometimes streams Just Chatting and Watch Parties, where she interacts with her chat.

SunsetGaia recently branched out into YouTube and Instagram. On her YouTube, SunsetGaia posts ASMR videos. She is also highly popular on Instagram, where she posts photos from her everyday life. 

Interesting facts about SunsetGaiaASMR

  • SunsetGaia’s real name is Gabriela Neves Correia
  • As of 2022, SunsetGaia is 27 years old.
  • Her height is 5’1’’ or 155 centimetres.
  • She weighs 48 kilograms or 105 lbs.
  • SunsetGaia has over 12 tattoos all over her body.