Who is SandraSweetie?

SandraSweetie is a Swedish ASMRtist, Twitch streamer, YouTuber and social media influencer. Her streams are in English. She has a master's degree in business & management and is officially partnered with Twitch. Her real name is Sandra. SandraSweetie currently lives in Stockholm, Sweden.

SandraSweetie streams twice per week for around two hours on Twitch. She performs ASMR streams primarily. SandraSweetie uses a pair of high-quality microphones to make her streams more relaxing. She uses a wide variety of triggers such as mouth sounds, towel rubbing, glass tapping sounds, brushing mic, gloves sounds, hand movements and whispering. In addition, SandraSweetie likes to play WoW, Fall Guys, Among US and Fortnite.

SandraSweetie posts attractive modelling photos on Instagram. She even shares pictures of food, her travels and pole-dancing. SandraSweetie has two YouTube channels. One for ASMR and one for personal stuff and vlogs. However, both of them seem inactive as SandraSweetie uploaded her last video nearly one year ago. You can support SandraSweetie on her Patreon page for 4 exclusive ASMR videos/month, access to a community, access to her private snapchat, the opportunity to talk with her for 10 minutes or get access to a 10-minute private live stream and access to a discord group.

Interesting facts about SandraSweetie

  • As of 2022, SandraSweetie is 25 years old.
  • She loves Swedish dessert Semlor.
  • She listens to Hardstyle.
  • SandraSweetie does heavy weightlifting and pole dance.
  • SandraSweetie has a 12-year-old chihuahua.
  • SandraSweetie loves salty licorice.
  • Her favourite candy is Salta Fiskar.
  • SandraSweetie is a coffee addict and drinks up to 5 cups per day.
  • She loves amusement parks.
  •  She has a master's degree in business & management and is officially partnered with Twitch. 
  • SandraSweetie uses a pair of high-quality microphones to make her ASMR streams more relaxing. 
  • SandraSweetie likes to play WoW, Fall Guys, Among US and Fortnite.
  • She even shares pictures of food, her travels and pole-dancing on Instagram.
  • SandraSweetie has two YouTube channels. However, both of them seem inactive.
  • You can support SandraSweetie on her Patreon page for 4 exclusive ASMR videos/month and more exclusive stuff.