Chantel Jeffries

Who is Chantel Jeffries?

Chantel Jeffries is an American model and beauty vlogger who is active on YouTube, Instagram and other social platforms. She's also working as a DJ and released a few songs. She was born on 30th September 1992, in Colorado, California. She had s multicultural background from a family of African, French, Irish and Italian descent. Chantel's family used to move all the time due to her father's job as a marine.

Social platforms of Chantel Jeffries

After finishing Massaponax High School, Chantel studied Communication Arts & Fine Arts at Florida International University. Chantel completed her education and shortly after created her Instagram account and YouTube channel in 2011. While posting modelling photos on Instagram, her YouTube channel was dedicated to vlogs. She knows her way about fashion and makeup, so she filmed many fashion hauls or makeup tutorials. Because of her modelling career, she knows how important it is to have clear skin. Because of that, she filmed a few popular videos on her morning and nighttime skincare routine.

When it comes to vlogs, Chantel likes to talk about anything and often takes her audience with her on holidays or special events. She shares her travelling stories with their good and bad side. She doesn't like to hide anything, so she talked about getting robbed while travelling and even took her fans with her while she was getting a piercing.

Chantel Jeffries' personal life

Chantel was always passionate about music and intended to become an artist herself. Because of her huge audience and her undeniable beauty, she made some pretty famous friends in the music industry. She became known in 2014 when her fans saw her in the footage of Justin Bieber's arrest in 2014. She later confirmed that she is, in fact, friends with Justin but denied being in a romantic relationship with him. In 2019, she was dating Machine Gun Kelly, although they used to keep it a secret. They were once photographed by a paparazzi on a date, and after that, they moved their relationship to the public and started referring to each other on social media. Since 2020, Chantel started dating Andrew Taggart, who is a musician at the Chainsmokers band. Apparently, they are still together.

Chantel Jeffries as a DJ

While appearing in the presence of numerous musicians, Chantel improved her skills and learned how the music industry works. In 2018 she managed to sign a recording contract with the Universal Music Group label and announced to release of her debut single. Her first song, called Wait, was released in May, and it featured other artists: Offset and Vory. The song became extremely popular in a few weeks and appeared in the top 10 charts of dance music. Since then, Chantel has continued making music and posts music videos on her YouTube channel.  

Interesting facts about Chantel Jeffries

  • As of 2022, she is 30 years old.
  • Her zodiac sign is Libra.
  • Her height is 5'6'' or 168 cm.
  • Her weight is 56 kilograms or 123 lbs.
  • Her Instagram account has over 4,7 million followers.
  • She was present in Justin Bieber's arrest in 2014.
  • She signed a contract with Wilhemina Modelling agency and later acted as a model for Kim Kardashian's line.
  • Her debut song, Wait, has over 47 million plays on Spotify.