Amande Steele

Who is Amanda Steele?

Amanda Steele is an American beauty vlogger and an actress who is active on YouTube, Instagram and other social media. Her full name is Amanda Lynn Steele, and she was born on 26th July 1999 in Huntington Beach, California. She has an older sister Lauren.

Early life of Amanda Steele

Amanda was an introverted child who was interested in beauty, fashion, but also sports activities. While attending high school, she was a competitive cheerleader and a softball player. In her free time, she used to like to play online fashion games or make little drawings of clothes. Her interest in fashion games led her to YouTube, where she looked at similar-themed videos. And since the YouTube algorithm is a powerful tool, she ended up watching beauty videos in no time. That’s where she found out about makeup artists, and she fell in love. Since she was used to spending more time on the internet than being outside with her friends, the life of a beauty guru sounded made for her.

Amanda's YouTube channel

One day, Amanda asked her mom if she could start to make videos and post them on YouTube. Her mother was luckily very supportive, so in 2010, when Amanda was only 11 years old, she created her YouTube channel. It sounded like a fun new hobby, especially to her friends and family, but Amanda took YouTube seriously from day one. Even as a child, she was consistent and posted one or two videos every week. It was clear that she got her inspiration from other vloggers, but she kept it real and acted as herself, not anyone else. Her videos consisted of makeup tutorials, GRWM’s, hairstyles and vlogs. She wasn’t nearly the only girl of her age who used to watch a lot of beauty videos. And these other young girls became her subscribers and sort of internet friends.

Amanda’s YouTube channel had thousands of followers from the start, and in three years, when she was 14 years old, it gained even more. She started to have trouble managing time, but since her parents saw her potential, they allowed her to switch to homeschooling, so she could continue doing what she loved. Amanda didn’t take it for granted and focused on her skills in order to become famous and self-dependent. She kept improving her makeup skills, such as eyeliner or eyeshadow, and also tried out some unique looks, for example, Halloween makeup. Besides makeup, she worked hard to learn more about editing videos and made sure to have good lighting in every one of them. Her videos kept getting better, and Amanda kept gaining more followers. One of her earliest videos that went viral was Competitive Cheerleading Makeup Tutorial!, which now has over 1,2 million views.

Amanda Steele as a model

Amanda created her Instagram account in 2011, just a year after her YouTube channel. She posted selfie pictures, and fashion tips, and overall wanted to communicate with her internet friends on more than one platform. As she got older, people started to realize that she was not only talented but also a charming young woman. In 2016, she caught the eye of IMG Models, which is a modelling agency, and signed a contract with them. Since then, she added her modelling photos to her content, and her fame skyrocketed.

Amanda Steele: Fashion designer or an actress?

Although her internet career was doing more than good, Amanda’s dream has always been to become a fashion designer. She came close to achieving it in 2015 when she got approached by Quay Australia. She agreed to collaborate with them and designed two types of sunglasses, which went on sale the same year. Her idea was a huge success, and both designs sold out in a week. 2015 was a successful year for Amanda’s business. Besides contributing to the fashion world, she joined forces with BH Cosmetics. Out of their collaboration came out an exclusive eyeshadow palette called MakeupByMandy24.

Amanda’s next step in her career was strange for some but quite expected for others. It’s not so common to succeed on YouTube as an 11-year-old if you don’t have some kind of acting skills. In 2015, Amanda decided to give it a shot and applied for a role on AwesomenessTV’s new show. Amanda got in and played the main role in a teen drama series, Guidance. She got two minor parts in 2017 in the shows The Mick and Freakish. In 2021 she secured her position as an actress by contacting one of the leading roles in new series called Paradise City. Although it is a great accomplishment, Amanda sees it as a starting point for her future career in the movie industry.

Steele fashion line

Amanda is a woman of many talents, and she is not ready to give any part of it up. While managing her YouTube channel and seeking acting opportunities, she found the time to work on the fashion line she had always dreamed of. In 2019, Amanda launched her own fashion line Steele after all the preparations. Since she is on a strict plant-based diet, she made sure to make her line completely cruelty free, including animal testing. She partnered with Instaco, a fashion producer who helped many starting brand founders, such as a fellow YouTube star, Jenn Im.

Criticism against children on YouTube

Because she started her internet fame so young, there were many people who criticized her. Especially parents of young girls her age saw her as a bad role model for their daughters. They didn’t like that she was putting makeup on from young age because it’s not healthy for young girls to try to change their looks. Amanda had to come forward and state that makeup is her way of having fun and expressing herself, not a tool to change who she is. Eventually, the rumours weakened, and Amanda continued to do what she loved. Despite her fashion line and modelling career, she didn’t forget about her fans and continues posting videos regularly.  

Interesting facts about Amanda Steele

  • As of 2022, she is 23 years old.
  • Her zodiac sign is Leo.
  • Her height is 5'8'' or 172 cm.
  • Her weight is 52 kilograms or 114 lbs.
  • She has been vegan for more than 5 years.
  • She has over 2,5 million subscribers on YouTube and 2,6 million followers on Instagram.
  • Her first viral video was Competitive Cheerleading Makeup Tutorial! with more than 1,2 million views.
  • In 2016 she won Streamy Awards in the Fashion category.
  • In 2019, she was named the NSF Large Bussines Award winner at Telstra Bussines Woman's Award ceremony in Sydney.