Brad Mondo

Who is Brad Mondo?

Brad Mondo is an American beauty YouTuber who is also active on Instagram, TikTok and other social platforms. His real name is Brad Gesimondo, and he was born on 28th October 1994, in Massachusetts. He grew up living with his brother Eric Mondo and his parents. Apart from attending high school, his most important education took place in the family circle. Brad's father was a hairdresser and owned a hair salon, in which Brad spent most of his free time.

Brad Mondo's childhood and education

Since childhood, he has been passionate about everything involving beauty: makeup, hair, and painting. He used to draw a lot and try beauty products on himself. Brad wasn't shy when it came to hair colour, but quite the opposite. He used to ask his father to create crazy and unusual hairstyles for him and add a mix of bright colours on top. Although he liked the customers' part, he wanted to become a hairdresser even more so he could be the one who created the art.

Besides hairdressing being his dream for the future, Brad was a rebellious teenager and found a job at Calvin Kline when he was 16 out of spite. It took him a while, but eventually, he learned his father's craft at his salon. While working at the salon and serving customers, Brad attended all the needed classes to become a licensed hairdresser in two states: Massachusetts and New York. After completing his studies, he felt that helping just one customer at a time wasn't enough and decided to share his knowledge on the internet.

YouTube career of Brad Mondo

Brad created his YouTube channel in 2015 and soon became one of the most popular in the beauty community. But these weren't his first videos. Brad filmed his first video when he was only 12 years old and a few more before he was sure he would make a career out of it. His YouTube career was no accident but something that he had planned for a long time. When growing up, Brad loved watching influencers' videos, such as Jenna Marbles and Shade Dawson. They inspired him to start making exciting content on his own and what would be a better focus than his profession?

Since Brad wanted to give advice to the people out there but also to make his content fun and enjoyable. He started by posting a series called Hairdresser Reacts! and it became viral in no time. In this series, Brad watches videos of people doing their hair at home, and he doesn't hold back with the criticism. He is known for shouting, screaming and laughing at these videos while pointing out all the mistakes that were made. And let's face it, doing your hair with no experience can go really bad in no time. Besides pointing out the mistakes, Brad never misses an opportunity to educate his viewers and explain what was done wrong and what is the better alternative.

One of his other series is strictly educational. It's called simply Hair Education, and the title describes it perfectly. In these videos, Brad talks about topics which aren't that known to the general public and educates his viewers on types of hair, its thickness and how it affects his job as a hairdresser. He reacted to so many videos where people literally fried their hair with bleach that he tried to make it very clear, multiple times, that not every one's hair is able to be blond and healthy at the same time.

His reaction videos inspired him to start the third series, How To Do Your Hair At Home, which became very helpful for many young people. Brad realizes that young people especially will try to change their hair at home no matter what, so he at least provides them with all the help possible. He made videos on how to cut your own bangs, how to colour your hair or how to create layered hairstyles.

Since his platform went viral, Bard got a chance to work with many famous people. One of his other series is about makeovers, and besides his friends and a few lucky fans, he got to change the hair of Charli D'Amelio and many others on camera. Although his career is primarily focused on YouTube, his fame made him a requested stylist for celebrities such as Vanessa Hudgens, Heather Marks and Shay Mitchell.

Although Brad is more than capable of creating miracles on people's hair, there are some limitations. But he wouldn't let it stop him, and since wigs are pretty common in today's society, he made several videos on them too. It's important to know that wigs can't be treated the same as human hair since they won't repair themselves. They offer many interesting looks and possibilities if treated right, and Brad is here to teach anyone interested. He talked about appropriate products to use, how to wash them and lastly, how to style wigs so they look as natural as possible.

XMondo and XMondo Color

If the fans learned something important from Brad's videos, it is that keeping your hair healthy is the key. But even this step can get challenging if you don't know what products to use. Brad tried numerous products during his career, but he always felt like something was missing. In 2019 he decided to change that and launched his own haircare brand called XMondo. He worked with the New York City lab in order to create cruelty-free and vegan products which would satisfy the needs of every hair type and person using them. Besides the products being the best on the market, they are customized to satisfy Bard's taste as well. His first launcher product, a moisturizing hair solution, came in bright pink colour and added glitter. A year later, he launched his own hair colour line, XMondo Color, which promises bright colours without damaging customers' hair.

Brad's impact on social media

Throughout the years, Brad Mondo's videos became so viral that he is the first hairdresser that comes to the mind of many people. Besides YouTube, he is actively posting videos and photos on Instagram and TikTok. And since TikTok is full of trends, Brad became the punchline in one of them. People started creating videos with the sound that says "I'm sorry, Brad Mondo" while applying hair colour or cutting their hair. It clearly points to all of his pieces of advice, which said TikTok creators chose to ignore and do what they feel like at the moment. Brad Mondo became a brand which everyone appreciates and knows.

Interesting facts about Brad Mondo

  • As of 2022, he is 27 years old.
  • His zodiac sign is Scorpio.
  • His height is 5'11'' or 180cm.
  • His weight is 69 kilograms or 149 lbs.
  • He had posted a video in which he stated that Eric Mondo is not only his brother but also a twin. They kept this statement for a while until someone discovered that Eric was, in fact, a year older.
  • Hiring Brad Mondo as a personal stylist can cost up to 100 000 dollars.
  • Besides his haircare brand, Mondo sells his own merchandise as hoodies or shirts.
  • He is open about being homosexual but doesn't reveal anything more from his personal life.
  • In 2019, he was nominated for the Streamy Awards in the Beauty category.
  • In 2020 he won the 2020 American Influencer Awards in the category Hair Influencer of The Year.