Denitslava Makeup

Who is Denitslava Makeup?

Denitslava Makeup is a Bulgarian beauty vlogger who is active on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and other social platforms. She was born on 5th December 1995 in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria. She is known for posting makeup-related videos on YouTube.

Early life and education of Denitslava

Denitslava grew up alongside her parents as an only child. While attending high school, she liked to draw a lot and was generally passionate about beauty. She started doing makeup at the end of her high school education, even though it involved only bb cream and mascara at the beginning. She wanted to learn more, so she applied to makeup school, where she got her certificate as a makeup artist. Denitslava created her Instagram account in 2013 and got very popular because of her precise makeup looks. Her followers suggested that she should join YouTube because her tutorials might be very helpful.

YouTube channel Denitslava Makeup

On their request, Denitslava created her YouTube channel in 2015. Her first video was called Soft Yellow Smokey Eyes & Nude Lips Makeup, and it got over 100 thousand views. Denitslava is talented in creating all types of eye makeup, whether it is eyeliner or advanced smokey eyeshadow. Her first video to blow up was Soft Gold Smokey Eye Tutorial, which got over 4 million views. Her title pictures for most videos are close-ups of her eyes with perfectly done makeup. Denitslava also has perfectly soft, almost porcelain-looking skin in all of her videos.

She can perform any eye makeup that is out there, and she can do it perfectly. The number of views on each tutorial video proves it. On every other makeup tutorial she posts, there are at least a million views on each. Denitslava also has a nice, charming and friendly personality, which makes her videos so addicting. She manages to stay away from any drama and focuses on the thing she loves: makeup.

Since beauty and makeup challenges are a trendy theme on YouTube, Denitslava tried several of them on her channel. She got the inspiration either from TikTok or Instagram and filmed her attempt to try them. In one video, she tried to draw the popular wavy eyebrows from Instagram and in the other, she managed to do her makeup using only kids' makeup kits. In one of her Q&A videos, she mentioned that she loves to cook, even though she is a beginner. She managed to include this hobby on her YouTube channel by trying out TikTok cooking hacks and easy recipes.

Personal life of Denitslava

Denitslava met her boyfriend, Dmitri, on the internet and has kept seeing him since then. They met while playing an online game and started to frequently talk until they decided to meet in person. He is a photographer. She moved to Greece with him and lived there for some time before returning to Bulgaria with her family. She speaks Bulgarian, Greek and English, even though she has a strong accent.  

Interesting facts about Denitslava Makeup

  • As of 2022, she is 27 years old.
  • Her zodiac sign is Sagittarius.
  • Her height is 5'3'' or 160 cm.
  • Her weight is 55 kilograms or 123 lbs.
  • She went to a makeup school and is a certified makeup artist.
  • She has over 4,6 million subscribers on her YouTube channel and an additional 1,1 million on Instagram.
  • Her most popular YouTube video is Soft Cut Crease Makeup Tutorial, with over 15 million views.
  • She used to live in Greece with her boyfriend before returning to Bulgaria with her family.