Diana Saldana

Who is Diana Saldana?

Diana Saldana is an American beauty vlogger who is active on YouTube, Instagram and other social platforms. She was born on 22nd January 1991 in New York. She is known for posting beauty-related and fashion videos on her YouTube channel.

Early life and accomplishments of Diana Saldana

After graduating from high school, Diana attended college, where she studied literature because she liked reading. While in college, she didn’t know what she wanted to do with her life, so after graduation, she tried multiple jobs. She used to work in a hospital for a while, then she worked at the supermarket and found a job at a pet store. Diana has always been told that she is beautiful by her friends and family. So in 2011, she applied for Miss San Juan and Miss Dominican Republic USA to take her chances. She ended up winning both of these beauty pageants. In 2013 she was crowned as the Miss Manhattan New York USA.

Diana Saldana YouTube channel

Diana improved her makeup skills during these pageants to the point where she wanted to share them. She created her YouTube channel in 2012 and started posting makeup-related videos. She quickly got in the right mindset and started to feel that this was what she wanted her life to be like. She loved talking to her, at the beginning smaller audience and sharing her tips with them. She always enjoyed prom-themed makeup looks since those were usually glamorous. She made a few prom makeup looks, and she slowly started to gain more attention.

From her public experiences, Diana was used to talking in front of people and quickly adjusted to talking to the camera. She made some Get Ready With Me videos, where she would talk about her life and do her makeup at the same time. She usually went for neutral colours that complimented her dark hair but never feared adding a little bit of glitter. Although she was consistent about her content, she tried out some challenges since she knew it would bring in more followers. One of her most popular videos is 100 Layers of Foundation, Eyebrow, Lipstick, and Highlight. This video ended in a complete mess where all of the products were dripping off her face, but it got over 3 million views.

Diana is also interested a fashion and has dedicated one whole series to it. In this series, she puts together themed outfits and shows of hauls, where she tries the clothes she ordered. She likes to order stuff from Amazon, so she filmed a few videos with her favourite findings as well. She is aware that the internet is always craving more useful beauty tips that would make their life easier. She filmed some makeup and hair tips, and these videos became very popular.

Personal life of Diana Saldana

Diana started dating her future husband, Jose Gray, shortly after college. They had been dating for twelve years until they got married in August 2018. In one of Diana’s Q&A videos in 2016, she stated that she wanted to have kids someday but that she was not ready yet. In 2019 just one year after the wedding, the couple welcomed their first child, a daughter named Hailey. Since Diana had a very slim figure, her body changed a lot during the pregnancy. She captured those changes in a video Pregnancy Transformation, where she talked about her journey and showed before and after photos. People were really excited, and the video gathered over 5,2 million views.  

Interesting facts about Diana Saldana

  • As of 2022, she is 31 years old.
  • Her zodiac sign is Aquarius.
  • Her height is 5'2'' or 155 cm.
  • Her weight is 52 kilograms or 114 lbs.
  • She won the Miss Manhattan New York USA beauty pageant in 2013.
  • She used to work in a hospital and a supermarket before she started her YouTube career.
  • She has over 1,3 million followers on YouTube and Instagram combined.
  • She created her YouTube channel in 2012.