Dulce Candy

Who is Dulce Candy?

Dulce Candy is a Mexican-American beauty vlogger and blogger who is active on YouTube, Instagram and other social platforms. Her full name is Dulce Candy Tejeda Ruiz, and she was born on 20th August 1987, in Zacapu, Mexico. Her middle name, Candy, is taken over from the Japanese cartoon series.

Dulce Candy served in the US Army

Despite financial difficulties, her family moved to the United States when she was a child. Dulce grew up alongside her two sisters and parents. Her mother is also very passionate about makeup and fashion, plus she is a YouTube creator as well. Candy used to be a cheerleader while in high school and has been interested in beauty since a young age. Therefore, her previous career choice might seem strange. Dulce served in the US Army for 5 years in total, 3 of those in the field. She mentioned that her job as a soldier originally started her beauty career. She needed to wear only practical clothes and a uniform, so she couldn’t express herself in a feminine way. She began to post on a blog in her free time about makeup and fashion stuff, and then she left the army, and her career choice was clear.

YouTube career of Dulce candy

Dulce immediately signed up for Fashion Design college, where she got her bachelor’s degree. In 2008 she created her YouTube channel, where she posted makeup and fashion tutorials. Her videos screamed joy and happiness from the start. Dulce would always be smiling while showing off her skills on the internet. She attracted many followers in the first years, and during that time, she realized that she loved vlogging. Her channel grew, and Dulce investigated other content options than just makeup.

She is a passionate reader and wanted to share her interest with her audience. One of her YouTube series is called Sweet Reads Bookclub. In this series, Dulce often talks about her favourite books at the time, reviews stories that she has already read and recommends the most exciting genres. Since she is a fashion enthusiast and likes to decorate her house using the same colour scheme, books could kind of ruin the vibe. In case one of her fans had the same issue, she filmed a video on producing her own book covers, so they blended well with the surroundings. Speaking of home decorations, one of Candy’s series is dedicated to home décor and renovations. She obviously doesn’t mind spending money on things she loves, and she does love to change her house once in a while.

Dulce Candy's husband

Dulce met her husband, Jesse Ruiz, in 2006 while they were both working in the same unit of the US Army. Dulce took her time while choosing a partner due to her bad experience with her past relationship. She used to date a boy when she was 14 and experienced heartbreak after he broke up with her. Although the breakup wasn’t that bad, considering what happened after. Just four years later, she received information that he had unfortunately passed away. Luckily, Jesse didn’t rush anything and waited for Dulce to fall in love with him too. They got married in 2011 and had their son Izek in 2020.

Pregnancy journey of Candy

Candy confessed to her YouTube audience that she had wanted to have a baby for a long time but struggled with fertility issues. A lot of her fans were in the same age group as her, and some even shared her struggles, so she decided to share her own story in order to help other future moms. She called the series My Infertility Journey and filmed several videos on different topics. She talked about her mental state when she couldn’t get pregnant and her decision to try the IVF method. Even though it in takes a lot of time and includes many injections, it was all worth it.

Dulce was thrilled when she discovered that she was finally pregnant, and it improved her mental state a lot. She then filmed a lot of spiritual videos, where she shared tips on how to be happier in life. This journey includes a stable routine, so she filmed her morning and night-time routine and how she divides her life. Since themed videos take a lot of time to edit and Dulce likes to communicate with her audience on a daily basis, she got into daily vlogs. She can talk about everything that comes to her mind, and it doesn’t take so much time and effort to post.  

Interesting facts about Dulce Candy

  • As of 2022, she is 35 years old.
  • Her zodiac sign is Leo.
  • Her height is 5'0'' or 145 cm.
  • Her weight is 48 kilograms or 105 lbs.
  • She is married to Jesse Ruiz, and they have a son Izek.
  • Her most popular video is Quick and Easy: Winged Liner, with 9,6 million views.
  • She served in the US Army in 2006.