Jessica Vu

Who is Jessica Vu?

Jessica Vu is a Vietnamese-American beauty YouTuber who is also active on Instagram, TikTok and other social platforms. She was born on 26th August 1999 in Florida to Vietnamese parents. Her parents decided to support her choice when she expressed her passion for makeup, even though it wasn’t a typical career choice for a Vietnamese girl raised in America.

Jessica Vu's YouTube career

While attending her senior year of high school, Jessica decided to create her YouTube channel as a hobby. And while she was only 16 years old, she quickly found her audience: girls of the same or lower age. The same year, she also created her Instagram account to connect with her audience on other platforms as well. At 18 years old, it occurred to her that making videos could be her future job. And since her views were only growing, she decided to pursue this career in Los Angeles.

Her YouTube channel consists of makeup tutorials, makeup and fashion hauls, hairstyles and GRWM’s. In order to target the right audience, she often uses emojis in the video titles and, during videos, talks about the pleasures and obstacles of living as a young adult. Her videos are also oriented toward the teen years: she makes themed makeup tutorials for every possible occasion. There is the back to school makeup, date night looks, or even the perfect makeup to use when brokenhearted.

Jessica Vu as a role model

Jessica has luxurious long hair, and of course, she likes to try out new hairstyles while still taking good care of them. Following on, she makes tutorial videos on non-damaging hairstyles. These hairstyles are divided into seasons, different occasions, or by difficulty and hair length. To keep her hair healthy, she also tries out some viral tips on curling her hair without the need to use heat.

In the past years, Jessica found taste in vlogging videos and combined them with her beauty passion. The result is “Get ready with me” videos, where Jessica creates makeup looks while talking to the camera. In these little chit chats, as she calls them, she talks about her favourite products at the moment, how her day is going or her plans for the future.

Jessica's fashion line and DeliVUry

Since she is also interested in fashion, in 2019, Jessica collaborated with Jenn Im’s fashion label. From this collaboration arose Jessica’s own fashion line. Jessica was represented by Rare Global, and with their help, she managed to make one of her dreams come true. Some of the pieces sold out in minutes, promising Jessica a future in the fashion industry.

When she hit the milestone of one million subscribers on YouTube, Jessica’s fans started to ask for merch. And since she wanted to create something that her audience could actually use, she decided to create her own brand called DeliVUry in 2021. A lot of her fans have the same taste in things as her and always appreciate anything cute. Because of that, Jessica’s brand consists mainly of household everyday-use items in adorable shapes and colours. Since the Covid-19 pandemic was all over our lives in 2021, she included colourful masks to wear in public.  

Interesting facts about Jessica Vu

  • As of 2022, she is 23 years old.
  • Her zodiac sign is Virgo.
  • Her height is 5'6'' or 167 cm.
  • Her weight is 62 kilograms or 136 lbs.
  • She regularly adds videos to her TikTok account, where she has almost 200 thousand followers.
  • Her YouTube channel hit 1 million subscribers when she was only 20 years old.