Madelynn De La Rosa

Who is Madelynn De La Rosa?

Madelynn De La Rosa is a German beauty and lifestyle vlogger who is active on YouTube, Instagram and other social platforms. She was born on 9th May 1992 in Germany. She is known for posting beauty-related and lifestyle videos on her YouTube channel.

Early life of Madelynn De La Rosa

Although Madelyn was born in Germany, she travelled the world and stayed in multiple locations. She lived in Hawaii for a while and then moved to the United States. Since she has been passionate about beauty since she was a child, her parents expected her to apply to beauty school. But Madelyn had other plans and attended community college where she studied Elementary Education.

Madelyn has always been aware of the world around her and wanted to help make it better. She became a vegetarian and soon after vegan while still in college. She wouldn’t eat meat and dairy or wear leather and fur. Besides her passionate nature, she always loved making movies and editing videos. She used to film her classmates and made her first short film while in middle school. Her love for edition videos stuck with her, so she decided to use them to inspire other people.

YouTube content of Madelynn De La Rosa

She created her YouTube channel in 2011 and started uploading videos. She filmed fashion videos, mostly in the Outfit Of The Day theme. She loved fashion, but something clicked in her, and she realized that fast fashion isn’t good for the environment as well. People buy enormous pieces of clothing every year, and after they throw it out, it ends up in a garbage dump, where it ruins nature. From that moment, she started to be mindful of what she was buying and became interested in a sustainable fashion. Sustainable fashion is all about recyclable materials and buying second-hand clothing, so it would last as long as possible. In order to make sustainable fashion more interesting for her viewers, Madelyn filmed several videos on how to make your own accessories or how to contribute to slow fashion.

Madelyn is a proud feminist and always tries to keep her channel as friendly as possible. She filmed a few self-care videos, which are a little different from the original concept. Self-care doesn’t need to be buying expensive products or going shopping. It can be taking yourself on a date, meditating and writing a diary. Madelyn currently lives in LA and knows every good vegan restaurant or café. She got into filming vlogs, where she often visits her favourite environment-friendly places and shows her audience that it isn’t as hard to be mindful and still enjoy simple things.

Madelynn De La Rosa and films

Madelyn’s longtime dream has been filming movies, and she uses her YouTube channel to practice her editing skills. She created a series called Short Films, where she posts 2-3 minute long films she made. These movies can be about anything: food, nature, feelings and about Madelyn herself. She filmed a video called This Is Madelynn, which is an artsy video showing some facts about Madelyn. She got inspired by the French movie Amelia and used the same concept. The video has a Japanese voiceover and shows where Madelyn has lived so far, what she enjoys doing and what places she wants to visit.

Besides fashion, beauty and veganism, Madelyn’s channel is about feminism and inspiring other women. For this purpose, she created a series called Girl Friday. In every episode, she invited one woman to talk about her life, hobbies and feelings. She asks them about difficult decisions they had to make during their life and about their dreams. Madelyn doesn’t believe in taboo topics and is willing to educate her audience on sexuality, pornography and other stuff. It is likely that Madelyn’s fame is still in its beginnings and that she has much more to offer.

Interesting facts about Madelynn De La Rosa

  • As of 2022, she is 30 years old.
  • Her zodiac sign is Taurus.
  • She has a degree in Elementary Education from college.
  • She used to live in Germany, Hawaii and three different US states.
  • She is passionate about veganism, slow fashion and feminism.
  • She likes to make short movies and dreams of making a regular movie one day.
  • She has almost 1 million subscribers on her YouTube channel.
  • Her most popular video is called This Is Madelynn.