Makeup by Mario

Who is Mario Dedivanovic?

Makeup by Mario is an American makeup artist who is active on Instagram, YouTube and other social platforms. His real name is Mario Dedivanovic, and he was born on 1st October 1983, in the Bronx. Mario is the youngest of four siblings whose parents are Albanian immigrants from Montenegro. Mario was a beauty-oriented child, but since his family didn’t have much money, he didn’t have access to it. His only connection with the makeup world was his mom, who worked as a housekeeper at L’Oréal offices and sometimes brought home some samples. Mario was intrigued by them but didn’t get many chances to try them out because he was afraid to do so.

Early life of Mario

After graduating high school, his mother moved to Manhattan and took Mario with her. This gave him the opportunity to follow his fashion for beauty by finding a job at Sephora in the fragrance section. During his first days, he showed a hidden talent for makeup when helping customers with picking the right products. He worked on his skills, which had paid off by him being hired as a makeup artist for two singers who visited Sephora before their cabaret show. After he realized how much he enjoyed this type of job, he decided to become a professional makeup artist and follow his dreams.

Kim Kardashian's makeup artist

Mario started to build his platform through Facebook and MySpace since YouTube videos weren’t that popular at the time. He wrote posts on makeup tips and tutorials and shot some videos of himself doing test looks on celebrities such as Veronica Webb and Gina Gershon. He had built his career slowly, attracting new customers over time. He worked as a photographer’s assistant and as a freelance makeup artist at the same time. He was asked to do a Q&A on his experience as a makeup artist, and that’s how he got to know his future client, Kim Kardashian. Mario was asked to do her makeup on video, and that was all it took to become her go-to makeup artist. Nowadays, Mario is, besides his other career paths, known as a personal makeup artist for Kim Kardashian. Mario is the master who invented her signature contouring and eyeshadow looks.

Masterclass by Mario

In 2009, deep in his career, Mario decided to share his self-taught knowledge and host a makeup class in Los Angeles. His first workshop wasn’t really crowded: only about twenty people showed up. But he didn’t give up and started to sell tickets to his second show, which was supposed to happen in New York. This time he promoted the event on Twitter, and suddenly a hundred tickets sold out. From that day, Mario started to work on a new concept, which he called the Masterclass. It became very popular during the years, and many newer makeup artists have attended one or two classes, such as Huda Kattan or Makeup by Ariel. People were able to buy plane tickets just to travel half of the world in order to attend one of Mario’s classes.

Founding of Makeup by Mario

In 2020, Mario decided it was time to make one of his other dreams come true and founded his makeup company, Makeup by Mario. The Year 2020 was a milestone in his career, as it marked his 20th year in the makeup world. Besides Kim Kardashian, he had a chance to do makeup for Miss Universe, Miss America, Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez. In 2018 he performed as one of the Glam Masters in one Kardashian-produced show.

Mario’s career was always more focused on real-time jobs than on internet fame. He created his Instagram account in 2012 to show some of his work and to inspire young people to follow their dreams. Since he is hosting the Masterclass, there wasn’t a valid reason for him to share his knowledge online for free. Therefore his YouTube channel appeared in 2020 only to post a few short videos of his makeup looks. The only active series on his channel are tutorials on how to use his own products from Makeup by Mario.  

Interesting facts about Mario Dedivanovic

  • As of 2022, he is 38 years old.
  • His zodiac sign is Libra.
  • His height is 6'1'' or 185 cm.
  • His weight is 75 kilograms or 165 lbs.
  • One of his first job as a freelance makeup artist was at FOX News.
  • He collaborated with Anastasia Beverly Hills on creating the Master Palette.
  • Besides being Kim Kardashian's makeup artist, he collaborated with her and launched a makeup line with KKW Beauty.
  • His Instagram account has over 11,5 million followers.
  • He hasn't got many subscribers on his YouTube channel but frequently appears on Kim Kardashian's channel.