Marlena Stell

Who is Marlena Stell?

Marlena Stell is an American beauty vlogger who is active on YouTube, Instagram and other social platforms. She was born on 27th December 1976 in California. She is known for posting makeup tutorials and reviews on her YouTube channel. She is the CEO and founder of Makeup Geek, a worldwide makeup-selling company.

Early life and education of Marlena Stell

Marlena loved singing and beauty when she was a child. These passions stuck with her through high school, which have helped her while choosing college focus. She eventually applied to Pensacola Christian College in Florida, where she majored in music teaching. She wasn’t about to let go of her passion for makeup, so she minored in stage makeup. After graduation, Marlena found a job as a music teacher at a high school in Michigan.

In Marlena’s younger years, YouTube wasn’t nearly as popular as it is today. She didn’t have any internet idols or celebrities to inspire her to start her own journey. She decided to start her YouTube channel because it connected both the things she loved: teaching and makeup. She was talented and perfected her skills, so teaching and passing her knowledge to the internet felt like a great idea.

YouTube career of Marlena Stell

Marlena created her YouTube channel in 2008 and immediately started to post makeup tutorials and reviews. She began her journey with many makeup tutorials of celebrities, such as Jennifer Lopez and Hillary Duff. Her channel started to gain followers, and Marlena was slowly forming her audience. Because of her popularity, she started getting sponsoring offers from various makeup brands. She gladly agreed to promote their products in exchange for free makeup, but after some time, she realized that it wasn’t exactly fair. She had to make a living, and free products wouldn’t help her with that. On the other hand, those makeup companies made a huge profit from her videos.

The founder of Makeup Geek

Her teaching job provided Marlena with her only income, and it became obvious that it won’t last much longer if she wanted to continue focusing on YouTube. She started researching available labs and slowly creating her own makeup line. After three years on YouTube, Marlena started to sell her own eyeshadow under the name Makeup Geek. Since her audience was thrilled to try her makeup products, her line quickly grew until Marlena founded her own company, Makeup Geek.

Marlena’s internet fanbase wasn’t the only reason why Makeup Geek became so popular in a short period of time. Marlena knew for a fact that not everyone is able to purchase expensive makeup products because she knew how it is to be working 10 hours a day and making only enough money for basic needs. She made sure that her products would not only be of the best possible quality but also for a relatively low price. In order to keep her prices low, Marlena decided to sell her products directly to customers. Most beginning brands used to rely on stores like Sephora to sell their products, but it made the prices a lot more expensive. Makeup Geek was a brand with a steady customer base from the beginning, so they could sell their products directly.

Personal life of Marlena Stell

Marlena met her husband, Nick Reichert, when she was 18 years old. After over three years of dating, they got married and stayed together for 7 years. Unfortunately, they eventually divorced but managed to stay on good terms with each other. Marlena named Nick, who helped her a lot while creating her company, the COO of Makeup Geek. After the divorce, Marlena focused on herself and managed to lose a lot of weight. When she was 30 years old, she met her second husband, Cocoa Bear, and after 5 years of dating, they tied the knot. Marlena found herself in a toxic and abusive relationship and had to try hard to find the strength to leave him. She finally filed divorce papers in 2017 and was very happy that it ended. In 2022 Marlena stated that she found love once again but wanted to keep it private for now.

Interesting facts about Marlena Stell

  • As of 2022, she is 42 years old.
  • Her zodiac sign is Capricorn.
  • Her height is 5'6'' or 170 cm.
  • Her weight is 80 kilograms or 176 lbs.
  • She is the founder and CEO of the makeup company Makeup Geek.
  • She used to teach music at a local high school.
  • She has over 1,6 million subscribers on YouTube.
  • Due to a lack of customers, her company, Makeup Geek, ran out of business during the covid-19 pandemic.
  • She was married twice and experienced domestic abuse from her second husband.
  • She claimed to have been forced to carry a dead fetus inside of her due to new laws in the United States.