Meghan Rienks

Who is Meghan Rienks?

Meghan Rienks is an American beauty vlogger and actress who is active on YouTube, Instagram and other social platforms. Her real name is Meghan Rosette, and she was born on 4th August 1993 in San Francisco. She’s regularly posting beauty and fashion videos and simultaneously works as an actress. She even managed to write a book. 

Early life of Meghan Rienks

She met her best friend, Misa, the day she was born. They were born on the same day and became friends when they were children. Meghan used to be a very dramatic kid who practised crying in front of a mirror, and her parents, of course, noticed. They thought that she could become an actress, so they signed up for alternative learning when she was in elementary school. She acted in her first play there, the Wiz, and even though she only got two lines, it was fun. After that, her parents signed her up for acting, singing and dancing classes. Meghan loved to educate herself in the theatre field and prepared to become a famous actress one day. 

Meghan’s life turned around when she started middle school. She was a chubby child with glasses, and on top of that, her interest in acting was seen as lame by the other kids. She lost contact with most of her friends because they became popular and didn’t want to hang out with her anymore. Her mother told her that she was in a hospital a few years before because of cancer. She tried to tell her after she started feeling better, but Meghan got angry, and they started fighting constantly. Meghan found more friends in high school because a lot of them shared the same opinions and hobbies. At the end of high school, she got taller and grew out her hair, so she became attractive to boys. 

YouTube career of Meghan Rienks

In her senior year, Meghan got mononucleosis and had to be on bed rest for a long time. She got bored and decided to try filming videos like one of her friends. So, in 2010, Meghan created her YouTube channel and started to film videos about makeup and fashion. She attended a college in Southern California and made a few friends. She lived her barbie doll life and wanted to move in with her friends. But after some time, they grew apart, and they rejected her. Meghan became severely depressed and got diagnosed with mental illness. She was barely eating and became really skinny. She eventually made a friend who invited her to move in with her. Meghan began focusing on YouTube and finally started feeling a lot better. 

Meghan’s YouTube channel is focused on lifestyle, fashion and makeup. She dedicated an entire series to lifestyle, where she posts videos of her daily routines or reviews handy products that she bought and feels happy about. She also found out that vlogging calms her down and makes her feel connected to her audience, so she films those every other day. In 2020, Meghan became interested in baking and cooking. In her series called Food, she shares recipes and films herself baking goods. She felt like she could help some people by sharing her mental illness journey and filmed a few videos on the topic. Her most popular video is called What Having Anxiety Feels Like, and it has over 9 million views. 

Meghan Rienks as an actress

Meghan never forgot about her dream to become an actress and decided to act. She signed up for some castings, and in 2013, she got her first role. She appeared in the TV series Side Effects, and in 2016 she got one of the main roles in a series called Freakish. In 2018 she starred as Piper Morley in the movie The Honor List. She stayed in the movie industry, and she’s getting bigger roles each time. 

Meghan decided that she wanted to help her fans with their relationships and mental health. Filming videos didn’t seem effective enough, so in 2017, she created a podcast. It is called Don’t Blame Me, and Meghan invites one fan at a time to talk about their life. She encourages them to share their experiences and tips, which helped them through life. Meghan then shared it on her YouTube channel because it gained a lot of popularity. 

Interesting facts about Meghan Rienks

  • As of 2022, she is 29 years old.
  • Her zodiac sign is Leo.
  • Her height is 5'9'' or 175 cm.
  • Her weight is 60 kilograms or 132 lbs.
  • Her most popular video is called What Having Anxiety Feels Like with over 9 million views.
  • She has over 2,1 million subscribers on YouTube and another million followers on Instagram.
  • She works as an actress and appeared in the Freakish or The Honor List.