Nyma Tang

Who is Nyma Tang?

Nyma Tang is an American Youtuber and TikTok creator who specializes in beauty and makeup. She is also active on Instagram and other social media. Nyma is an African-American woman with dark skin colour, which, as she found out, can be a problem when buying makeup products. In her earliest videos, she talked a lot about not being able to find the right shade of foundation for her skin. This issue led her to start a series called The Darkest Shade in 2017.

In this series, Nyma reviews different makeup brands, one by one, and shows off their darkest shade of foundation. Although some brands are very inclusive, others have only one or two darker shades, which isn’t nearly enough. That is an unfortunate fact to which she tries to draw more attention to. As many dark-skinned women suffer from said imbalance, this series and Nyma became very popular in the makeup community. It is not only famous for its educational purposes but also because people see her channel as a way to make a change, one step at a time.

Besides this most popular series, in other videos, Nyma reviews other makeup products, such as lipsticks and makeup pallets. As usual, she talks about the pigmentation of said products, their resistance to weather conditions and how they change on the skin throughout the day. But besides that, she’s giving great tips to her audience as to what colours look the best on darker skin and what shades rather avoid.

Nyma Tang can’t be categorized only as a controller of makeup brands and their foundation shades. She made herself a quite skilled makeup artist who is willing to share her knowledge with her audience. She made numerous tutorials on how to properly apply makeup, how to get started with eyeshadow, or where to apply bronzer. Her YouTube channel is the right choice if you’re looking for more detailed tutorials. But if u enjoy some quick tips on the go, she makes new TikTok videos almost daily.

Her career as a beauty vlogger created some great opportunities for Nyma. She got to collaborate with some popular makeup brands, including Fenty Beauty, which seems to be her favourite brand, as it is high quality and very inclusive for every skin tone. In 2018 she collaborated with MAC Cosmetics, who shortly after presented a new lipstick shade, called no other than Nyma Tang.

No doubt that Nyma Tang is an icon for other black women who are trying to get into makeup. Yet those women aren’t the only ones watching her videos. As she has a pleasant voice and an enjoyable personality, her channel is a great place to just relax and maybe learn something new.

Interesting facts about Nyma Tang

  • Nyma was born in Ethiopia.
  • Her native language is Nuer.
  • As of 2022 she is 31 years old.
  • In 2018, Nyma won the Shorty Awards in the Beauty category.
  • Her zodiac sign is Aries.