Patrick Starrr

Who is Patrick Starrr?

Patrick Starrr is a Filipino-American makeup artist who is active on YouTube, Instagram and other social platforms. His real name is Patrick Simondac, and he was born on 11th November 1989 in Orlando. He is the oldest sibling of three brothers, who were all raised to be good catholic boys.

Patrick was a very busy and talented child. He learned how to play the piano, and soon after, he taught others how to do it and helped his friends whenever they needed piano music in the background.

Early life or Patrick Starrr

While in high school, Patrick started to take photos of his friends who needed headshots for the theatre. He was very thorough and didn't want his friends to be disappointed with the results, so he learned how to use photoshop. He started by simply cropping the pictures and adding a little light. But later, he realized that there are features for clearing the skin and adding colour to the cheeks. Photoshop helped Patrick to discover his passion for makeup. He later stated that he should've known much sooner since his favourite TV shows were America's Next Top Model and Miss Universe.

Patrick continued living a busy life after he graduated from high school. He worked at Panera, continued taking pictures as a freelance photographer and started a job at MAC Cosmetics. He was trying to take daily shifts at MAC because it allowed him to wear a full face of makeup. He loved to wear makeup, but back in the day, he needed a reason to do it.

Early career of Patrick Star

In 2013, MAC hired more staff, and Patrick started to get fewer shifts. He felt inutile and depressed from the lack of work. He decided to find another hobby and, luckily, a reason for continuing to wear makeup. This new hobby of his resulted in him creating a YouTube channel called Patrick Starrr. His first video included his daily glam makeup routine. He was sometimes making multiple videos a day, but he filmed them on an old camera and didn't have much experience with editing videos, so most of them came out blurry. Although his videos weren't getting that much attention, he continued to work hard and improve his editing skills until he turned it around.

His YouTube fame appeared as a gift from a friend of his. The friend was Talia Joy, who was battling cancer and posted makeup videos on YouTube because it brought her joy. She invited Patrick to appear in one of her videos and do her makeup on camera. Just a couple of weeks after, her condition got worse, so she wasn't able to post videos anymore, and soon after, she passed away. People came to her channel to leave supportive comments about her family, and the last video they saw was the one with Patrick in it. Some of these people came to Patrick's channel after and provided him with enough followers to be recognized by the public.

Patrick Starrr on YouTube

Patrick had solid groundwork to become a businessman and an internet star. Her mother taught him to always have a plan for the future, and his dad advised him about business planning. Patrick worked hard to not just get recognized but also to prove his point. He didn't want to be seen as a typical gay man who liked makeup. He tried to teach people and show them that makeup has no gender and that there's no point in vilifying his efforts. Although his parents taught him a lot, he didn't share his new job with them in the beginning. After some time, he was invited to go to the Bahamas to promote Benefit Cosmetics. His parents were confused as to how he got invited to such an event, and that's when he told them that he was, in fact, famous.

Patrick Starrr as a drag queen

Besides his everyday makeup videos, which he continues to share on his channel, Patrick Starrr is skilled at the art of Drag Queens. He dedicated two series to this topic, which he called Drag 101. In those videos, he teaches his audience about every aspect of being a drag queen. And don't be mistaken; it takes much more work than it seems. First thing's first: makeup. Drag makeup requires a lot of skills because it is usually performed by men, who need to know how to change their facial features in order to look more feminine. Drag queens are known for their taste for everything colourful, shiny and dramatic. A matching wig is a must, and Patrick taught his audience how to take care of them, wash them and lastly, style them. He also likes to put extra effort into his looks by adding padding to the right places in order to create an hourglass figure.

Another part of his YouTube channel is focused on celebrities. Since he became famous, he had a chance to do makeup on many famous people, such as Jessica Alba and Kris Jenner. But not to worry, when he doesn't have the chance to meet some celebrities in person, he is more than able to embody them by creating makeup that looks similar to theirs. He has filmed several celebrity makeup tutorials, and some of those became the most viewed videos on his channel. On top of the ladder are Kim Kardashian and Bretman Rock makeup tutorials, with more than 15 million views.

One/Size by Patrick Starrr

During the 2020' global pandemic, people weren't exactly excited to buy more makeup since they had little chance to wear it outside of the house. People were usually buying moisturizers and eye creams instead of full-coverage foundations and false lashes. But Patrick wasn't intimidated by these circumstances. More so, he saw it as an opportunity to bring those products back. He founded his own makeup brand and called it One/Size, after his famous sentence, "Makeup is a one size fits all". The Brand's first collection is called Go Off, and Patrick took the name literally. Instead of promoting it in the usual reveal video, he made an entire music video with the title. Patrick is the main star of the song, which he wrote based on his experiences and recorded in a professional studio.

Say Yas To The Guest

Patrick loves to talk gossip with other beauty influencers, and for this very purpose, he started a podcast, Say Yas To The Guest, in early 2021. In every episode, he invites one celebrity guest and chats with them about their life, experiences and plans for the future. This podcast is also recorded on camera, so the fans can choose if they want to watch the video or just listen to the podcast.

In 2022, Patrick got a chance to participate in a drag queen show called Drag Race Philippines. Based on his experiences, Patrick joined the show not as a performer but as a judge.  

Interesting facts about Patrick Starrr

  • As of 2022, he is 32 years old.
  • His zodiac sign is Scorpio.
  • His height is 5'7'' or 170 cm.
  • His weight is 85 kilograms or 187 lbs.
  • He stated that he is gay but clarified that he only likes to dress as a woman. He is not transgender.
  • He is currently dating Roni Herrera.
  • In 2019, he started a mangement agency called The Beauty Coop, where he helps starting influencers get brand deals and much more.
  • He had hosted the NYX Face Awards, American Influencer Awards and many more.
  • He had won several awards himself, such as Streamy Awards or Webby Awards.