Yasmin Maya

Who is Yasmin Maya?

Yasmin Maya is an American beauty vlogger who is active on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and other social platforms. She was born on 7th June 1991 in Mexico. She has two brothers: Alfredo Maya and Edi Maya. She uploads videos under the nickname Beautyybird and shares her life on social media.

Early life and career of Yasmin Maya

Her family was staying in California, where Yasmin completed her high school education and decided to apply for college. That’s when she found out that she isn’t a registered US citizen and so she can’t get any help. She didn’t want to live undercover, hoping that she wouldn’t get deported, so she decided to deal with it on her own. She moved to Tijuana and decided to stay there till she resolved her issues and got her papers to be a legal US resident.

While at the immigration camp, Yasmin felt homesick and was in a bad mental state overall. She used to spend time watching YouTube beauty videos until she realized that she could try that too. So in 2012, she created her YouTube channel called Beautyybird. She didn’t have much confidence and was still depressed about her life, so she needed something that would help her film videos. She eventually figured out that she could film these videos as makeup tutorials for her mom, who was taken away by an immigration facility.

YouTube content of Yasmin Maya

Yasmin’s YouTube channel consists of everything about beauty, from makeup to fashion and hair. As she grew up in a poor family, she didn’t have access to high-end products and learned how to work with cheaper drugstore cosmetics. She dedicated one YouTube series to this topic, where she shows and reviews cheap drugstore products for makeup and hair and proves that products don’t need to be expensive in order to work. Yasmin has beautiful long hair, which she inherited from her Hispanic mother. She manages to keep them long and healthy and loves to share her tips with her audience. She shows them how to properly wash their hair, how to style it without damaging it and finally, what products work the best.

Yasmin’s channel got popular mainly because of her videos about false lashes. From the beginning, it was obvious that she knew exactly how to apply them, so they looked natural. This isn’t a coincidence. Yasmin had an accident when she was younger and, unfortunately, lost all of her lashes. This made her look for natural-looking false lashes and pushed her to learn everything about it.

Birdy Lashes

Yasmin’s obsession with false eyelashes made her search the internet for all possible types, but she didn’t seem to find the perfect pair. In 2020 she decided to change that and launched her own eyelash brand called Birdy Lashes. Another reason why she decided to focus on lashes is that a lot of people struggle to find the right ones. She learned that some people get so frustrated that they stop trying, which causes their makeup looks to be incomplete. Yasmin insisted on creating luxury, high-end products for an affordable price. She never forgot about her struggles when younger and wanted to make sure that everyone would have access to her brand’s lashes.

Personal life of Yasmin Maya

Yasmin was married twice in her life. When she was younger, she met a boy and fell in love with him. He proposed to her, and she was excited about their life together, but because of all of her struggles with immigration and her family, it didn’t work out. She met her present husband a few years after, and they got married in 2015. His name is Valentin Torres, and they have two beautiful daughters together. As a mother of two, Yasmin still manages to make time for YouTube and film more videos. She posted several videos about her pregnancy and how she takes care of herself, even when occupied with motherhood duties. She is very happy with her family, and she often posts short videos of her children on TikTok.  

Interesting facts about Yasmin Maya

  • As of 2022, she is 31 years old.
  • Her zodiac sign is Gemini.
  • Her height is 5'2'' or 157 cm.
  • Her weight is 62 kilograms or 136 lbs.
  • She went through an immigration camp when she was 18 years old.
  • She has two daughters with her husband, Valentin Torres.
  • Her YouTube channel has over 1 million subscribers, and her Instagram account has an additional 1 million followers.
  • Her most popular video on YouTube is called 17 Weird Fashion Life Hacks Every Girl Should Know, and it has over 10 million viewes.