What is Re:AcT? 

Re:AcT, formerly known as KAGAYAKI STARS, is a group of Virtual YouTubers managed by mikai inc. As of February 2022, the agency has over 1.273 million subscribers on YouTube. Hanabasami Kyo is the most popular member with over 300,000 subscribers. 

On December 3, 2018, KAGAYAKI STARS changed its name to "Re:AcT" due to a shift in its management policy. KAGAYAKI STARS focused on idols, but Re:AcT expanded to include a variety of virtual talents. The original project continued, but the talents within it started working individually based on their unique characteristics. 

Five talents graduated during this change: Kurama Tsumugi and Saotome Poemu on December 3, and Orio Koya, Hoshikuzu Len, and Mikage Lux on December 31. This led to the disbandment of SuiSay. 

History of Re:AcT 

Re:AcT's website was updated with different divisions or categories, such as music, idol, multitalented, game, men's, and trainee. The agency welcomed ex-upd8 member Kashiko Mari on October 30, 2021, and introduced a new music label concept. 

On March 27, 2022, Re:AcT announced two new members: Makoh Lisa and Ayamo Nono, with their debut scheduled for April 2. Additionally, ex-SKYCOLOR Project member Usuwa Suu joined the agency. 

On March 10, 2023, Re:AcT unveiled a new unit called Re:AcT Gaming, which focuses on promoting female streamers in the gaming market. The initial members are Koyoi Inari, Sayo Shigure, and Tenka Amu. 

Interesting facts about Re:AcT 

  • Re:AcT, formerly KAGAYAKI STARS, is an agency of Virtual YouTubers managed by mikai inc. 
  • It transitioned from focusing on idols to a varied virtual talent agency. 
  • The change resulted in the graduation of five talents, leading to the disbandment of SuiSay
  • Re:AcT's website features different divisions, each with its unique talents. 
  • The agency welcomed Kashiko Mari and introduced a new music label concept. 
  • Re:AcT continues to grow with new members, including those from ex-SKYCOLOR Project, and introduced a gaming unit.