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About Dude Perfect

Dude Perfect is an American sports entertainment YouTube channel run by 5 members. The channel is the biggest sports channel with over 56 million subscribers. Overall, Dude Perfect ranks as the 16th most subscribed channel. The group consists of Tyler Toney, Garret Hilbert, Coby and Cory Cotton, and Cody Jones. Apart from their main channel, they have also two other YouTube channels, called Dude Perfect Plus and Dude Perfect Gaming.

Dude Perfect videos are established from videos showing various trick shots, stereotypes, stunts or video "battles". These battles became the main channel topic since 2017, the individual members of Dude Perfect compete in them against one another in a game or contest, incorporating different sports. They created a show called Overtime, a series where they host various segments. Including Cool not Cool, Betcha, Absurd Records, Wheel Unfortunate, Bloops, Taste Test, Game Time, Mail Time etc.

About the members of Dude Perfect


Tyler Toney

The story starts with Tyler "Ty" Toney, known to his fans as the Bearded guy. Dude Perfect members call him their leader, but he seems to be more their point guard. Toney is the one doing most of the group's trick shots, he was the main character in their very first video. He is the face of all the intros and outros in their videos. Ty has the most battle wins, with a total of 24 wins. Tyler is also the youngest member of the group, he was born in Texas on March 24, 1989. Toney himself said he grew up in the church, which connected all the members, love to the Lord and sport. Toney spent a lot of time on youth athletics, he played quarterback and is very talented. After graduating high school, Tyler started studying at Texas A&M and looked for some other Christian guys to develop a relationship with. He knew Garret Hilbert from the high school basketball team. They soon met the twins, and they all moved together and put a basketball hoop in the backyard. In 2011, Tyler married Bethany, and they now have three boys, named Barret Nathan, Cotton James, and Rhett Sillas.

Cory and Coby Cotton

Coby is known as Twin #1 and Cory as Twin #2 because Coby is 1 minute older than Cory. They were born on July 17, 1987, in Woodland, Texas. They grew up playing basketball, tennis, and dodgeball. Their father is a pastor, but they were never pressured into believing in Christianity. As twins usually do, they did pretty much everything together. They went to Texas A&M as communication majors, where they met other members of the group Toney and Hilbert, at various Bible study groups. After graduation, they worked at their father's church in Austin before Dude Perfect grew enormously. The twins are the original founder of the name Dude Perfect. They are doing marketing and technical staff in the group. They carry on their tech skills, being the point duo for the group's mobile game, website, and video editing. Cory wrote a book about the Dude Perfect called Go Big: Make Your Shot Count In the Connected World. From the personal life, Coby married Aubrey Ellet in 2017. Cory (Twin #2) married Amy in 2016, and they had twins together in November 2018, called Crew and Collins. On March 3, 2020, they welcomed a son named Charlie.

Garret Hilbert

People know him as The Purple Hoser. Garret was born in Texas on May 13, 1987, and he moved with his dad to California in his early years. Garret went back to Texas before school, and that's when he met Tyler Toney because they were in the same basketball team. Justin was raised up in a Christian family. Hilbert went to Texas A&M as an architecture major. He found his way into the college house that brought them all together. Garret has by far the most "Cool" votes in the history of Cool Not Cool with over 84 out of 100 votes. In 2011, The Purple Hoser married a woman named Kristin, and they have a baby boy together named Owen. 

Cody Jones

Cody Jones is known as Tall Guy in the Dude Perfect group. In the video "About Us", Cody said he had some rebellious times before college. Jones focused more on basketball and girls than on the Lord that he believes in his whole life. Tall Guy felt guilty about it and then stopped his "evil" ways. Cody was born in Texas on October 9, 1987, and he grew up going to church every Sunday with his family. Cody met Cotton twins while playing basketball at the university rec centre, and they asked him if he wanted to be the fifth roommate in their house. After graduating, Jones married his wife Allison and worked in commercial real estate until Dude Perfect became a full-time gig.

DudePerfect YouTube Career and Other Projects

They joined YouTube on March 16, 2009, and posted their first video on April 9, 2009. This video showed trick shots at Tyler Toney's ranch and had immediate success. Within a week, the video received 200,000 views. Shortly after, they released their second video filmed at Christian summer camp Sky ranch. The video gained over 18 million views. Dude Perfect promised that for every 100,000 views, they will sponsor a child from Compassion International. This video went viral, and Dude Perfect was contacted by ESPN. Their clips often appear in TV Sports shows like First Take, Pardon the Interruption, Around the Horn and SportsNation. Their early videos did not have a big production budget, they were pretty simple and low cost. It was all about their basketball skills and friendship. 

Their popularity grew drastically in 2013 when trick shots were everywhere on YouTube and became very popular. They appeared in a lot of commercials on many events and got mentioned all around the world. They appeared, for example, in Rob Dyrdek's "Fantasy Factory", and they cooperated with Tyrek Evans to promote him as a candidate for Rookie of the Year. They worked with famous people from the sports industry such as NBA star Chris Paul, quarterbacks Russel Wilson, Aaron Rodgers, Ryan Tannehill, Johnny Manziel, wide receiver Ryan Swope, volleyball player Morgan Beck and tennis star Serena Williams. They cooperated with NASCAR drivers Ricky Stenhouse Jr., Travis Pastrana, James Buescher and Indy Car Series driver James Hinchcliffe. Apart from sportspeople, they worked with various actors and singers, such as Paul Rudd, Tim Craw, Luke Bryand, and more. 

Dude Perfect released a free mobile game in 2011. One of the members, Cory Cotton, is the author of the book Go Big, which he started publishing in August 2011. In that book, Cory shared their secrets in their business for the channel Dude Perfect. In June 2015, the Harlem Globetrotters chose them for their annual player draft. Later that year, Dude Perfect started their own TV show called The Dude Perfect Show on CMT. The premiere started in the first half of 2016. the second series aired on Nickelodeon.

In January 2019, DudePerfect announced its first live tour. They called it Pound it Noggin Tour, and it was a 20-city circuit with a 90-minute live show in each city. It started on July 11 in San Diego end the last stop was on August 11 in Dallas. They performed, for example, in Los Angeles, St. Louis, Chicago, Atlanta etc. They made a documentary, "Backstage Pass", documenting the behind-the-scenes of this tour. The documentary was released with YouTube Originals in 2020.

Dude Perfect tried something new, and they uploaded their first music song. Single called "The Pet Peeves Song" was released on May 3, 2021. 

How many subscribers does Dude Perfect have?

As of today, the channel Dude Perfect has over 56 million subscribers. Their videos have almost 13 billion views in total. Every single video by this group has between 10-50 million views. Dude Perfect is the #1 channel in the sports category on YouTube, and their channel is the 16th most subscribed channel on YouTube.

How much does Dude Perfect make a year? Net worth!

As of 2021, Dude Perfect's net worth is estimated to be roughly $80 million. Their annual salary from YouTube is estimated to be around $12 million. They built their net worth in other avenues such as TV shows, apps, books, merchandising and endorsements.

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(To the date 27/5/21)

Interesting Facts

  • Dude Perfect launched a free mobile game titled Dude Perfect in 2011. In 2015 they released Dude Perfect 2 and other games like Endless Ducker, and That's lit. The game is all about doing crazy trick shots on various levels. 
  • In 2020, Dude Perfect partnered with Serious Bean Co., developing a new flavour of baked beans - jalapeño and bacon.
  • Dude Perfect channel is known for breaking multiple world records. In 2009, they set the world record for the longest basketball shot after shooting from the third deck of Kyle Field. In January 2014, the group attempted a shot from the 561-foot-tall Reunion Tower, and they were successful! The group broke the world records for longest, highest, longest blindfolded and longest sitting basketball shot. They started breaking world records apart from the basketball industry as well. They set the world record for longest barefoot Lego walk, longest pea blow. They broke the record for most Ping Pong balls stuck on a person's head using shaving cream and the most Donuts stacked on each other blindfolded. The last world record they broke was the most beachball header passes in 30 seconds in 2020.
  • People always speculated if the trick shots are real or fake. Hosts on the show Good Morning America discussed the tricks and debated whether they were real. Experts stated they were unable to find evidence of the tricks being fake. The group claims that their tricks are genuine and authentic, but they understand people's doubts.