Jenn Im

Who is Jenn Im?

Jenn Im is an American Beauty vlogger active on YouTube, Instagram and other social media. Her full name is Jennifer Dohee Im, and she was born on 22nd September 1990 in California. Her mother works at a bank, her father in clothing manufacturing and they both came to the United States from South Korea. Jenn began her higher education in community college and, after that, attended the University of California, where she graduated in Communication Studies with a bachelor’s degree.

Due to her father’s job, Jenn has been surrounded by fashion since childhood. She was able to explore the fashion industry from the inside, and more importantly, she was able to learn about clothing styles and fashion trends. She quickly became aware of her sense of fashion and confident that she could help others.

Jenn Im and Sarah Chu

In her birth town, Jenn had a friend, Sarah Chu, who was as passionate about fashion as herself. Since they had a great time creating stylish outfits, they decided to share their knowledge by starting a YouTube channel. The channel was called ClothesEncounters, and it was created in 2010. They both had a great time and gained a few followers, but a year after, Jenn craved higher education and moved to attend the University of California. Since they weren’t so close to each other and didn’t have the needed time to create content together, Sarah left the channel. After that, Jenn renamed the channel after herself and started to film her own videos.

YouTube career of Jenn Im

During the first year of filming videos, Jenn realized that people love to watch personal videos and get to know each creator based on their life experiences. This theme was close to Jenn because she wanted to share not only fashion advice but also her daily habits and experiences. Her fashion-oriented videos consist of outfit ideas and tips for every occasion. If it’s divided by season or occasion, Jenn is able to help in every situation. She’s also familiar with ongoing trends, such as capsule wardrobe, and made several videos on how to create one and what to do when it gets boring.

When growing up, Jenn had some difficulties with her body image. She was never overweight but had a hard time putting on some revealing clothes or swimsuits. This forced her to take a look at her lifestyle and make some appropriate changes. Although she lost a lot of weight, she made sure to do it in a healthy way. Since her audience is mainly made of women, who like to take inspiration from someone else, Jenn documented her journey on her channel. Because she enjoys cooking and learning new healthy recipes, she started a series called What I Ate In A Week. In those videos, Jenn talks about all the dishes she cooked or ordered and ate and basically provided her viewers with a realistic overview of her eating habits. In order to keep it entertaining, she started to film themed videos. A frequent topic is a Korean cuisine because Jenn is used to Korean dishes and wants to inspire people to try them out.

Collaborations and the Eggie line

During her YouTube career, Jenn caught the eye of some prominent fashion companies, who offered her the opportunity to collaborate with them. She was part of some of the biggest launches of Calvin Klein, Lavi’s and Clinique brands. Although she was never that passionate about makeup, she did a few videos of her makeup routine. ColourPop brand approached her with a chance to collaborate with them and to help create her own makeup collection. Jenn agreed, and in 2016 she released her own makeup collection called Jenn Ne Sais Quoi.

In 2017, Jenn decided to further follow her passion for fashion and created her own fashion line Eggie. The word Eggie may be translated as baby, and Jenn explained that it came to her mind because she is the youngest of her family. Eggie is focused mainly on gender-neutral clothing with elements referring to Jenn’s Korean heritage. She wanted to ensure that her audience would be tempted to buy her dress, so she filmed a few styling videos containing only pieces of the Eggie brand.

Personal life of Jenn Im

Jenn has been married to her husband, Ben Jolliffe, since March 2017. Ben is a former drummer of a British alternative rock band called Young Guns. They met years before in San Francisco, and in 2016, Ben realized that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Jenn and proposed. Their wedding took place in Malibu. The couple welcomed their first child, son Lennon, in 2021.

Jenn was really excited forwards her new chapter of life as a mother and decided to share her experience on her YouTube channel. She started new series called Preggo, where she posted updates weekly. She talked about her first ultrasound, how her body changed and how she handled morning sickness. Needless to say, she was excited even more when she started buying baby clothes. After her son was born, she started another series. There she posts vlogs about her postpartum body, diet and overall experiences of being a first-time mother.

Interesting facts about Jenn Im

  • As of 2022, she is 32 years old.
  • Her zodiac sign is Virgo.
  • Her height is 5'1'' or 155 cm.
  • Her weight is 49 kilograms or 104 lbs.
  • In 2017, she was mentioned in Forbes Magazine as one of the top fashion influencers.
  • Her YouTube channel has over 3 million subscribers.
  • Her most popular video is My Updated Everyday Makeup Tutorial.
  • She has a bachelor's degree from the University of California.
  • She is the founder of the Eggie fashion line.
  • She has been married to Ben Jolliffe since 2018.